Let The Cat Out

Let The Cat Out

 Hobart, Tasmania, AUS

Let The Cat Out is a funk-roots-reggae band, with a case of the blues. The hamond organ driven outfit has gained a massive following in their hometown of Hobart due to their dynamic live shows. They have a contagious energy to match their exciting music - and a refreshingly honest presentation.


Let The Cat Out is an Hammond/roots band with a twist. The funky blues-influenced outfit has gained a massive following in their hometown of Hobart due to their dynamic live shows. They have a contagious energy - where powerful, soulful vocals and soaring guitar and sax meets a rock-solid rhythm section. The eclectic backgrounds of the members of Let The Cat Out, from jazz to funk, folk and reggae, make for an exciting ride with a fresh, unique sound. But it is the refreshingly honest presentation which creates a truly magical and uplifting experience!

They released their debut album ‘Get it Like That’, in December 2008. They have played the Falls Festival at Marion Bay, and were asked back to be part of the St Kilda Festival again in 2011. Their second album, 'Swimming Upstream' is due to be release in late 2011.

Let The Cat Out is a Hobart/Melbourne based band playing original songs, featuring some of Hobart’s finest and hardest working musicians.

Let The Cat Out started as a 4 piece instrumental jazz project in early 2007. After one gig at Lizbon Bar in Hobart, the guys realized that they had started something exciting; the band had a real connection with their audience. At regular Friday evening sessions at the Salamanca Courtyard, the band got Jane McArthur on board to add some sweet vocals and to perform some of her original songs. The guys were blown away by Jane's powerful, soulful voice and her groovy, well written, riff-laden tunes. The Courtyard gigs were a huge success and Jane now fronts the band.

Let The Cat Out regularly plays at venues in and around Hobart, Melbourne and Sydney gathering a bigger fan base every time they perform. They are taking to the pubs and clubs of Melbourne this year. They have played successful support slots with ‘The Cat Empire’, ‘Symbiosis’, ‘San Lazaro’, ‘Good Buddha’, ‘Pete Murray’, Ray Beadle, plus many more, as well as many successful shows in their own right, including slots on the Soundscape Festival and the Royal Garden Sounds concert in Hobart in early 2009.
They toured their music across Australia in 2010 on the back of their debut album - ‘Get It Like That’ and plan to tour their second album, including WA, late this year.

"We chose Let The Cat Out as an Edge Radio Recommended band recently - it was an easy decision as they're one of Hobart's most exciting up-and-coming bands at the moment. Their vibrant and energetic live show is not one to be missed either; the line-up includes some of the state's most talented young musicians who are dedicated to bringing the funk."

Edge Music Radio Station

“We often have requests from customers to have Let The Cat Out play again and the professionalism the band has is outstanding. I look foward to having you back at the Republic”

Tony Heath, Publican of Republic Bar, North Hobart

"Let the Cat are a one of the most talented and engaging new original acts to come out of Tasmania for a long time. It was a pleasure to have them feature on our stage at Royal Garden Sounds and demonstrate the great wealth and depth of talent on offer in our State today."

Clint Pease, OPCON Consulting, (Royal Garden Sounds with Kasey Chambers and Pete Murray)


Truth Pie

Written By: Jane McArthur


There’s an infinity, in this world, of places,
Each with a universe of unique faces,
And we all laugh, cry, sing and shout and dream on a similar basis
Just trying to keep it light,
As we struggle on by,
Trying to lead a life that’s not based on a lie.
So think twice, before your hasty summation
Of the contents of another one’s mind, ‘cause
How long’s it been since you tip-toed through the back door of your own soul,
Stumbling blind-ed by the white light, of all the dark truths
Of all the things that you’d rather not know,
Shocked, by the familiarity of being in a place you never let yourself go.

Open your eyes.

Everyday, we get served up a million choices
that someone has, kindly, already made,
and we think we pick our own way through this life, but really
just treading paths already laid.
But it’s so hard once you’re on that bus,
The one that’s really getting there, fast, but where?
And we’ve been on it so long we’ve forgotten what it’s like to just stop . . .
. . .
And there are so many passengers on that bus
and they’re cruisin’, taking the easy way out.
And they’re the ones you see, shouting the loudest
to convince themselves they know what it’s all about.
Things wrongly assumed, lies wholly consumed,
We’re so hungry, (starving), for a little bit of truth,
As we rush, to get it all
in one-big-on-the-run-having-fun-mouthful-of-fast-food-feel-good.
Doesn’t feel so good, (doesn’t feel so good), doesn’t feel so good.
That’s not it!, we won’t get it like that, all we’re gunna get, is fat,
From our gourmet diet of fancy concoctions,
Ask for the truth we get a smorgasbord of options.
When really we’re just like seagulls snapping,
Fighting for the crumbs that happen to fall
From the infintite truth pie, waaaaaay way up in the sky.!

Open your eyes


'Get it Like That' - released Dec 2008