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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Best of 2006 in Niagara"

The Pulse Magazine Reader Poll for Best of Music in 2006 was completed and published

LEVEE awards for 2006 was

Local Album of ‘06
The Trews “Den of Thieves”
Ceremonial Snips “Fuck the Pain Bring the Noise”
Levee “The Westgate Recordings”

New Local Artist
Ramp Localz
The Reservoir Ticklers - Pulse Magazine


Levee (MADKAT) - 2007
7 song E.P
Gonz Productions

Levee (Self titled) - 2006
Singles: Hey Hey Hey, No Hesitation

Levee: The Westgate Recordings – 2006 -
Singles: When the Night Calls Your Name, Dapper Lady

We have had our singles played on local radio station CFBU, as well, occasionally on 97.7 Hitz FM.



The origins of “Levee” took place in a southern Canadian city of St.Catharines, Ontario. At this time the world had just been given the 9/11 scare and the people of the U.S.A and Canada, especially, had been shaken dramatically. Two scrappy afro-clad boys had just started high school and unlike the rest of there crowd they were different. Driven by the music of Robert Johnson and all his enthusiasts they decided to pick up there chosen instruments and take a proverbial “crack” at it. These two young men were Cody Elliot-Smith and Duncan Voaden. Cody, if I could sum up Cody in one word it would be “intense”. You feel a dramatic energy if you were just to sit and talk with him. Cody is like no other person I have ever met in my life, a very relaxed, cool and calm dude. That was even before I heard him play. The guitar sound is captivating. It is like walking into a club in the sixties and watching Jimi Hendrix riff it out like Keith Richards, it’ll bring you to your knees and make you beg for more. Duncan Voaden is a drummer for the ages, a one man show. There hasn’t been a drummer to come around like Duncan since Mitch Mitchell, a practical fusion of jazz, blues, and hard rock. To have two musicians like Cody and Duncan come together and grow together is organic musical beauty in which you cannot truly appreciate until you witness it in real time.

After a couple years of playing together and practicing they decided to bring a bass player in. After a number of follies they settled on Cody’s cousin Dane Elliot. Upon having Dane join the group they named themselves “The Blue Catfish”. “The Blue Catfish” were a blues/rock band playing at parties and the occasional local gig around in St.Catharines. They recorded “Hayday” which included a mixture of bluesy songs with studio jams and acoustic numbers. It was to most critical acclaim a success. Months went by after releasing the album and Cody and Dane grew further and further apart. The arguments grew fiercer which eventually led to Dane leaving the band. Upon Dane leaving Cody and Duncan decided to go back to there roots and became, once again, a two-piece. Being influenced by “The Black Keys” and “The White Stripes” they decided to try playing shows this way,.

Levee is a band without boundaries. There are no words that can possibly describe exactly what Levee is. We’re a touch of old, a touch of new, straight up, high energy rock. We are without a doubt a strong musical force that no one has and no one will overlook in the time to come.