LeveL is a 5-piece outfit that walks the fine line between hard rock and metal while satisfying both hardrockers and metal heads. The precison blend of unforgettable radio rock hooks and destructive metal riffs leave fans of both genres wanting more


From the Sands of Iraq to the 3rd shift underworld of the Beer City comes the band LeveL!! Brought together from the desire make good music LeveL walks the fine line of hard rock and metal. Formed in the Fall of 2005 and forming a solidified 5-piece by February of 2006 LeveL made its first stamp on the Milwaukee music scene by playing its first show at the the Milwaukee stop of the Emergenza International Battle of the Bands. In the first round they held there own and were rewarded for there initiation into the live music scene with a trip to the second round of the prestigious event.

LeveL is composed of lead vocalist Mike Stanlee, guitarists Sean T and Nate R, drummer Johnny Rockstar and bassist Stevie B. Nate is the newest edition to LeveL joining the band in February of 2006 in order to give LeveL the edge needed to bring life back to the Milwaukee Metal Scene. Bassist Steve Bryant joins the ranks in October of 2005 after finishing off his tour of duty in Iraq as an Army Engineer. Guitarist Sean T and Johnny Rockstar orginally formed the band in April of 2005 and vocalist Mike Stanlee joined the fray shortly after.

Influenced by the likes of Sevendust, Nonpoint, Soilwork, Submersed, Breakin' Benjamins, As I lay Dying, and countless other Metal and Rock acts, LeveL lays down an energetic live show of unforgettable radio rock hooks while blending in brutal metal riffs that keeps fans of both genres coming back for many shows to come.


LeveLbanD demo- recorded December 15, 2005 - January 30, 2006.

4-song demo

Set List

Our typical set list includes 45 minutes of original music with several covers including, "What a Day" by Nonpoint, "Shinobi vs Ninja Dragon" by Lost Prophets, and "End of Heartache" by Killswitch Engage that are mixed into the set to bring the total time to 60 minutes..