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"Local band takes it back to the glory days of the '90s"

For a while now, I've been saying that rock music died in the '90s. Although this is clearly an exaggeration on my part, it is safe to say that the music of the '90s, to a certain degree, died with the decade.

I am a child of the 1990s. I grew up watching Nickelodeon and listening to KOME on my cheap-o boombox, back when the sounds of Sevendust, Sprung Monkey and Placebo flowed through the airwaves. The "good old days," so to speak.

This is why I get excited and nostalgic whenever a new band that is still playing the sounds of my favorite decade comes on the scene. Bay Area metal band Level 12 is one of those bands.

Good musicians master a specific style, and at the same time add their own unique characteristics.

The members of Level 12 clearly understand the music of the '90s, but add enough of their own uniqueness to their sound to remain fresh and interesting.

Their five-song, self-titled EP, which is scheduled for release this summer, is quite impressive.

Their music brings you right back to the days when you ate raspberry Pop-Tarts and your biggest priority was keeping track of the number of eight-ball slammers you had in your collection.

The EP starts off with a heavy, dissonant track called "Sandbox," and features the vocal talents of lead singer Freddie La Vell.

He carries you through a full range of vocal styles, from punctuated screams to smoother-sounding verses. The song even has splashes of vocal harmony.

"Level Ground," the next track on the EP, clearly pays homage to Korn, with angry rhythmic singing and high-pitched, fast-tremolo guitar sounds.

The track also features Josh Sol on percussion. A metal band with a percussionist? Yes. It's true, and syncopated sounds of bongos, congas and djembe add an earthy, organic element to the heavy guitars and screaming vocals.

"Tainted Innocence," the fourth track on the EP, starts with a goofy heavyweight boxing intro, which initially comes off as cheesy.

This track shows that the band doesn't take itself too seriously, giving the EP a lighter, less pretentious feel.

The EP offers a lot of variety and a good range of sounds, which is hard to imagine with only five songs.

They manage to move from heavy dissonant guitars and screaming vocals to lighter more lyrical tunes and back again in a short amount of time.

Although I don't think Level 12 will be the next Tool or Incubus, they are a solid metal band with a '90s sound.

I would definitely go get drunk and rock out at their next show. - SJSU Spartan Daily


level 12 EP - Online for download: www.myspace.com/level12band



What if you took rock, soul, metal, tribal, funk, and jazz and put them in a big pot? Then what if you wrapped your head in tin foil and stuck your head in the microwave?* What you get is Level 12 - powerful, emotional, sensual, devastating... music.

With such influences as KoRn, SoulFly, Sevendust, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Mr. Bungle, Frank Zappa, HED Planet Earth, Stevie Wonder, Patty La Belle, Tangerine Dream, Infected Mushroom, and Sublime - there's a lot that goes into this music. Each influence finds its way in to the right song at the right time to create a carefully orchestrated punch in the face. And this is what Level 12 wants to do... punch you in the face. An audio experience you won't soon forget... nor can you hide it from your girlfriend.

It all started in March 06 when longtime local musician Bo (Drums) called Chris (Guitar) for a jam session. The two musicians hit it off and quickly brought in Josh (Percussion, Carl (Bass), Ron (Guitars) whom were members of previous projects and veterans of the local scene. The five wrote several songs during the first jam and knew that they had something special. All that was needed to complete the group were vocals. Two years were spent working with various singers and trying to find a perfect fit for each members' talents. At long last, in September 07, Bo reconnected with a singer from a prior project, Freddie La Vel. Freddie laid down those first vocal tracks and Level 12 was born.
Level 12 burst on the scene with their first independent four song release in late February 08. Following that, Level 12 played their first sold out show at the Burro in Livermore, CA in March. Only climbing upwards, Level 12 has also started receiving radio play on internet and college radio stations such as UC Berkeley's KALX. Now, after an intense performance at X-fest, Level 12 is preparing their first full length studio album for release in November.

This band just got here and your mom's not tired yet. Better get to know them, they're part of your family now...