Level Down

Level Down


LEVEL DOWN will be the next band to take over the world. Built for endurance and staying power. Following in the footsteps of The Rolling Stones, Areosmith, and Metallica, Level Down will transcend fads and fashion and sustain record sales over several decades to come.


LEVEL DOWN is an experience in style and sound. The four individuals that comprise this project each come from far different musical backgrounds, yet culminate to produce an original hard rock performance. From all corners of the musical spectrum, each member contributes a unique influence to an intense sound. Level Down, as a band, has labored to make each of their songs distinctly different from each other so that every song is an experience. Each piece has a style and sense of urgency that is unmistakably Level Down. While Level Down’s overall sound is hard driven rock, it incorporates sounds and melodies from all genres of music. " We have opened for The Goodyear Pimps (featured on the Mission Impossible 2 soundtrack) and even had an oppritunity to open for Cheap Trick. Unfortunatley we couldn't do the gig because we didn't get the phone call until about 4 hours before showtime and John and Justin were out of town" explains J, the bands guitarist and spokesman. Level Down was also one of only six semifinalists in the contest to open for Bon Jovi in Madison. "Although we didn't win the Bon Jovi contest it opened several doors for us. Frank Productions was so impressed with us that they contacted us and asked if we would open for Buckcherry at The Majestic in Madison in February. Which of course we accepted."


The Human Experience

Written By: Dan Myers

Came to this world knowing I will leave
Kicking and Screaming
Deaf in the Dark with no words to speak
Nothings easy
And on the journey that is in between
All walk with me
Shaking the grave with the thud of our feet
Dead men walking

And when they speak my name
What will they say of me?

Pass to the boy a tale he may tell
Time is stalking
All part of the human experience we sell
Dead man walking

And when they speak his name
What will they say, what will they say of him?

We are but the words others speak
Long after our flesh grows weak
Here for a moment, forever we sleep
Will they remember me….

And when they speak my name
Will they, will they, will they speak my name

We are but the words others speak
Long after our flesh grows weak
Here for a moment, forever we sleep
Will they remember me….


Written By: Dan Myers

Unwanted is what they called me
Hear the laughter in my head
No refuge found
No place for me to hide
The damning words so chastising
I took as fact all that was said
The curtain falls
It’s time to say goodbye

In the dark there is a light
Epiphany happened to find
Desperation without choice
Is when I heard my voice

So I went from day to day
Looking deep inside of me
Wondering how
I could get back the light
But in the end what set me free
It took just one word to redeem
Forgiveness is what set me astride

Smashing through the glass ceiling
Shards rip away what used to be
I can’t control what had been sewn
Now my life’s my own


Unwanted is a badge of pride
Worn on my sleeve with hand held high
To all the hands held me down
How do you like me now and
For all like me this is derived
I may be late but I’ve arrived
And on this point I make my stand
Fuck you!
Here I am

[unwanted is what they called me]
[unwanted is what they said]
[unwanted is wanted by no one]


Level Down's first album (self titled) was released on November 15th 2005. The album features a cover of Greg Kihn's "The Break Up Song" for which we recieved permission from Riot Media Management to use. We have been featured on both 94.1 WJJO and 96.3 WMAD the two rock stations in Madison, WI. We also have 4 songs in regular rotation on musicmadeinmadison.com

Set List

Last Breath
Dave's Song
Notions Of Non Conformity
Funny These Things...
The Human Experience
I Hate You
The Break-up Song (Greg Kihn Cover)
Our sets can be an hour and a half or 20 minutes. We are very flexible. We can also put together a lighter set or a heavier set. It depends on the other bands on the bill, the type of venue and the crowd. We really are the most versatile band around.