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Witness LEVI at Revival in Harlem NYC on March 19, 2008! the newest song from ya girl LEVI on The Coast 2 Coast vol. 9 mixtape hosted by Shady Record's STAT QUO !!!



LEVI is like your best friend... she tells you what you need to know. A musical leader; she sings, raps, hits high notes, performs, writes, records and produces on the Protools setup she invested in. She's a deliciously blunt songwriter, an original voice chronicling the social & emotional struggles of being an American female. You can hear her songs played in the NBA, on radio, and on mixtapes from Cassidy & Raekwon's Dj Thoro, Bedtyme 357, Dj Green Lantern/HipHop Uncensored, Big Mike Hosted C2C Def Jam /Shadyville, and most recently on one hosted by Stat Quo of Shady Records!
She won the Underground Music Award for Most Original Female Artist!

LEVI is in her element onstage and has been heard by thousands in arenas Internationally. One of her many collaborations was on the Street Dreams tour singing live with Gunit affiliate M.O.P. fam ! she can be heard in the Chicago Children’s museum, and Radio Disney blind tested her music on 3,000 kids & they loved it! LEVI studies the SLS voice technique with teacher & opera star Badiene Magaziner, and has had demo deals with Epic/550 and lava/Atlantic records.

BORN Jennifer Lee Wilcox from Ithaca, New York, she got her musical ear playing Suzuki violin starting at age 3, and went on to study singing & acting, later becoming a performing recording artist by the name of levi. As an independent artist LEVI has recorded, produced & released 3 albums: 'Another Jennifer' in 2004, her 2nd cd 'LEVI 101' in 2005, and Her 3rd album is upcoming in 2007/2008, with tracks from the likes of Lil’ Fame .

* LEVI fact * She registered for & was awarded a Trademark in the categories of cds & live performances, but dropped it in return for LEVI’s jeans company agreeing to never sue her nor claim she is infringing on their trademarks. She agrees not to write LEVI on clothing or accessories & has the right to use the name in connection with her cds & live performances in all media throughout the world, litigation free.

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Lil Louis & The World "Club Lonely" 1995
David Goldman "Summer With Juliet" 2003
LEVI "Another Jennifer" 2004
LEVI "LEVI 101" 2005
LAZYBOY "The Broadcast" 2005
"Unusual Suspects" Collabro cd, 2005
L2 (L Squared), 2005
C-Walz "A Chorus Collection", 2005
LEVI NBA Collabros cd "Who Likes Basketball", 2006
Dj Bedtyme357 next mixtape, 2006
Dj Green Lantern HipHop Uncensored Vol 7 Mixtape "What's My F'Kin Name?", 2006 (DVD)
"Playing 4 Keeps" mixtape by Dj Thoro (Raekwon)2006
Dj Jaz' 4th Annual UMA mixtape, 2006
BEST OF THE BEST mixtape Dj Bedtyme357, Dj Llama
LEVI "Grand Design" 2007
Dj Thoro's mixtapes (Cassidy & Raekwon) :
"Heartbreakers Part 4",
Dj Thoro, Raekwon & P-Cutta
"Taking The Industry By Storm", 2006,
"The Game Is Ours" 2006,
"Wu Beats & Samples RaGu Style" 2006
"Urban Stylez Mixtape" LAZYBOY , 2007
"Center of Attraction" SWISH 2007
"C2C v5" Dj's Big Mike, DMA & Domination ", 2007
"Whats My F'kin Name?"HipHop Uncensored DVD
"DA LIL FOLK" www.Skylatics.org

Set List

45 minute (Variable lengths) live show:
Freestyle Intro
Your Page
Like The Beat Sounds
Feels True
Always Something
Money Y'all
Thought You Knew
Get To Know Me
Another R&B Song
Freestyle outro