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LEVI – Her CD single and a recent Don Hills set both indicate Levi has pipes of unusual R&B believability for a white girl, especially one you might mistake countrified folkie if you're stuck at the bar --  “After the Afterglow” is a dysfunctional family lament worthy of Pink.  And neither her tour of Europe as lead voice for house weirdo Lil Louis’ World nor her time spent helping out even kinkier Chicago goth-dance gangs like Pigface has made her any less pop. 

(Chuck Eddy) Elbow Room @ 9:15pm  < See tour info >

- Village Voice NYC

""Another Jennifer" by LEVI"

What a breath of fresh air. Not that I haven't gotten into the music I've received lately, but this one hits it way out of the park.
I've never been a fan of rap music. It just seems so hateful and full of bravado, tough guy sh*t which I have no time or tolerance for. (But I did just watch "8 Mile" the other day and though I missed about 85% of the dialog I found it interesting). I don't know if I've ever heard a white girl rap before so I can't say I have a lot to compare Levi to, but I like what I hear. She's not just a rapper. She also writes music (not just verse) and plays guitar. Her rap is interesting, intelligent, witty and fun.
The songs aren't all rap songs. In fact the first track, "You Belong" is just a great rock song. It's upbeat and shows that her voice can do more than just talk it is equally good for rock or rap. Her given name is Jennifer Lee Wilcox but she has an arrangement with Levi Strauss whereby she can use the name Levi and even thanks them in the
liner notes for their agreement.
The title track, "Another Jennifer" is a great song about her name and why she chose to not go by Jennifer. Partly because there are so many famous
Jennifer's now ("Watch out! It's Jenny season").
"Hick" is hilarious:
"I'm a hick I grew up in the sticks
I come from places where pick up trucks turn the tricks"
…and it even has a "yee-haw!"
I'm not going to pick out "standout songs" because they are all standouts, especially in comparison to 90% of other pop music today. Do yourself a favor and give this one a chance, even if you think you don't like rap music. You might be surprised.
Note: As an added bonus, her website is darn near perfect. It's cute, it's informative, it's navigationally simple and it has options for those who don't like all
the frills. Kudos to her designer…wish he/she were designing for every site I visit.
- Collected Sounds

"LEVI, Another Jennifer"

A white chick that raps? Has the whole world gone nuts? Kidding, of course, since I know the world is nuts. Nevertheless, Levi is a female rapper slash singer, and yeah, white. She grew up in Ithaca, NY, did the Suzuki violin at 3 (that's what the press says), and went on with her musical education at points elsewhere. And, yes, she raps, but she also sings. On "Who Do You Think You Are," she sounds quite a bit like Alanis Morissette without the whine. Oh sure, she breaks into a rap bit, but in this instance, the song is more sung than rapped. She also does the really high-note thing like Mariah Carey (and I only hope to God she doesn't articulate those notes with her hand as she performs), yet for some reason, I am not annoyed when she sings – her range is so good. 
And as the disc plays out, it's surprising just how good her voice is. The rapping, well, not angry, just a nice contrast to when she's belting it out. In fact, there's a lot to remind one of Morissette's debut disc, an exuberance that Levi displays, but without the chip on her shoulder. One of the freshest things to pass by this desk in a while. www.levi-online.com / www.nyrock.com - www.nyrock.com


Levi, the (New York) native, who has performed as far away as Spain and as nearby as her recent releases on V2 records (Yankee B), meshes soulful influences with deft delivery. For m ore information on her and where she's playing, check out
by Derrell Bradford - City Guide Magazine


"LEVI 101" LP 2005
"Another Jennifer" LP 2004
(various tracks getting radio & web airplay)


Feeling a bit camera shy


MIC check 1, 2...
"Who's an enemy? I'm an enemy, I'm an enemy of generalization!" Fitting lyrics for a polarizing artist like LEVI.
Emotionally raw and genre-defying, her words reflect the social and emotional struggles of being a white American female.
Her music is a mash up of Rock and Rap. Her country-rap single "Hick", from her first album, spells out her rural upbringing, and E.O.G. ("Enemy of Generalization") asks all enemies of generalizing to stand up loud & tall. Believe it, she's a solo artist who writes, sings, raps, programs, records & produces her own songs. She's all about the uniqueness of style and fighting stereotypes with her tailored rock-rap sound, positively cutting lyrics, and her schoolgirl-gone wrong look.
At the end of the day, LEVI is like your best friend. She tells you what you need to hear.

Born Jennifer Lee Wilcox in Ithaca, New York she got her musical ear playing Suzuki violin starting at age 3, and went on to sing and act at Interlochen National Music Camp in Michigan, North Carolina School of the Arts, and later in Chicago, IL.
There she registered & settled her LEVI trademark with Levi's Strauss & Co. through Orum & Roth, LLC*.
Worldwide shows as lead singer followed: the Madrid TV show 'Viva El Espectaculo', a rave at the Ahoy arena in Holland for an audience of 10,000, and 'Energy Express' TV show theme song performance written by LEVI and performed by her and the cast, including Freddy Rodriguez from 'Six Feet Under'. Chicago audiences watched the whitegirl do her thing live at the Cubby Bear, Oak Theater, Avalon, and an ASCAP showcase promoted by Jeff McClusky & Assoc. at the China Club-- where she shared the stage with current hottie Twista. LEVI also had fun doing voiceovers for the Chicago Children's museum and singing on several other artists' records. She has done commercial demos for Coke, Dentyne Ice, Sears Canada, AT&T, and Kohl's. Since then Radio Disney blind tested her music on 3,000 kids and they loved it ! LEVI has had demo deals with Epic/550/SONY and lava/Atlantic Records.

Still an independent artist in New York city LEVI had 2 songs in the 2005 NBA Allstar Game ! Her cd sales and audience are fast increasing, with songs playing on XMsatellite Radio and hot podcasts and radio stations from colleges to Star 93.3 FM Clearchannel ! She also proudly studies the Seth Riggs SLS voice technique with Badiene Magaziner. Deeply committed and in love with music, LEVI thankfully invested money from her grandparents in a Protools recording studio where Her Ithacan Records has produced 'Another Jennifer' and 'LEVI 101'. Next is her 3rd album upcoming in 2006. Recent live performances have been at Joe’s Pub, the Living Room, Don Hill’s, CB's Gallery, the Bitter End, The Cutting Room, Starbuck’s in Soho, Muskegon Community College (MI), Harry Van Arsdale High School, Tavern on the Green, B1 with Djs from the 5th Platoon, Club Speed, Pyramid, private parties for sponsors, U.S. soldiers, benefits and she is heading to tour the U.S. in the midwest in January 2006. All eyes on her website cause collaborations, reviews and interviews are ongoing. Her plans are simple: At least 5 albums, rocking major stages, many collaborations, and then tapping her acting abilities to get the role of a Bond girl.
Hip-Hop foundationalists Bboynyc.com calls LEVI "A guaranteed Hip-Hop/Rock superstar on the rise..."

* LEVI fact * She registered for & was awarded a Trademark in the categories of cds & live performances, but dropped it in return for LEVI’s jeans company agreeing to never sue her nor claim she is infringing on their trademarks. She agrees not to write LEVI on clothing or accessories & has the right to use the name in connection with her cds & live performances in all media throughout the world, litigation free.
Sponsored by Uncle Sam's Army Navy Outfitters www.iamunclesam.com

Website: http://www.levi-online.com

* LEVI fact * She registered for & was awarded a Trademark in the categories of cds & live performances, but dropped it in return for LEVI’s jeans company agreeing to never sue her nor claim she is infringing on their trademarks. She agrees not to write LEVI on clothing or accessories & has the right to use the name in connection with her cds & live performances in all media throughout the world, litigation free.