Leviathan is a fusion of old school punk/ harcore combined with the best of heavy metal. Think of Leviathan as the bastard child of The Misfits and Black Sabbath, raised by Motorhead and Tool. Babysitters have included Henry Rollins and Jello Biafra, so watch out!


If music is considered the universal manner through which we can all communicate, LEVIATHAN is the possessor of some formidable skill in linguistics. Formed from the ashes of All for Nothing, the band truly came into being early in 2002, when guitarist Mike Otero joined vocalist Shane Tierney and Chris Gardiner on bass, who had been searching for the right person to join their efforts. LEVIATHAN’s display of haunting and aggressive vocals, combined with driving force of the guitar onstage is tempered by the cool edge of the music’s blues based bass arrangements, then left to be hammered into spectators by old school punk, tribal-like percussion rhythm.

The mixture that LEVIATHAN represents is a truly interesting one, partly due to the surprising amount of variety and similarity in influences among the members of the group. Chris is as much a fan of The Misfits, Black Sabbath, and Slayer as he is of Ray Brown and R.L. Burnside, and it is demonstrative in his bass work. Danny, the percussionist, grew up on Black Sabbath, The Misfits, The Dead Kennedys, and The Ramones. Shane takes his vocal influences from Howling Wolf, Jim Morrison, Henry Rollins, and Glenn Danzig, while Mike’s guitar work is a whirlwind of variety; ranging from Robert Johnson to Steve Vai, to Zack Wylde. Even after a brief conversation, anyone can tell that this is a band that knows where their sound comes from, and they intend to use that history to move the music forward, placing their own mark on it as they go. While many can claim that their music is different, LEVIATHAN proves that by being a band that is equally in control of the stage and the audience, whether they are opening for ICE T & BODY COUNT, MICHALE GRAVES, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, THE TURBO AC's, DEICIDE, THE EXPLOITED, THE MISFITS or DANZIG. This is one band that serves as a reminder to all that in order to be hard and heavy, all you need is talent, anger, and attitude. LEVIATHAN has them all in spades.

Their moniker, LEVIATHAN, was taken up for a variety of reasons, and many of those reasons can be seen reflected in their music and lyrical content. In the Bible, the LEVIATHAN and the Gargantuan were minions of Hell. The more contemporary meaning of the word is that of a giant sea monster, enveloping and destroying all in its path. Additionally, the definition derived from the writings of Thomas Hobbes cast entirely different light onto the band’s intentions. When asked in a recent interview about the intentions of the band concerning their overall message and theme, Shane replied in typical fashion, "There isn't a word that I could use to sum up what this band is about, so I'll have to create one- socio-political-occultism." With the January 2003 release of their debut EP, LEVIATHAN has to given the public a taste of what they have to offer, but since that album was recorded in July of 2002, the band has become much harder, tighter, and aggressive during their tour, still finding time to write twelve new songs in less than a year, six of which they released on their new CD “Internal Inferno” which was recorded for less than $1000.00- and in mostly single takes in less than 2 days. Caustic Truths Magazine named LEVIATHAN alongside SUM 41, THE MELVINS, and THE TURBO AC's as "One of the 40 Hardest Touring Bands Today." LEVIATHAN show no signs of abating their tour schedule, and continue to push forward, seeking as many audiences as they can find to preach their message to. Rest assured, after witnessing their performance, conversion to their fold is inevitable.


"Internal Inferno" Released 4/6/04, with 10 tracks.
7 track Debut EP released 12/2002. Go to our website at http://www.judascradle.com to hear our new songs!

Set List

Typical sets are from 30 mins to 90 mins, all original material for the most part, but sometimes you'll see an old-school punk or metal cover!