Leviathan's Choir

Leviathan's Choir


Heavy guitar driven rock with a progressive, yet sometimes gothic, bluesy, and rthymic twist.


We are the band that refuses to go away.......

Over the course of the last 4 years we have been faced with pre show tragedies like car crashes hours before shows, minor strokes, animal attacks, and other random acts of God. Through it all though we looked at each other, laughed and kept our show must go on mentality!

When we weren't faced with certain doom, we have played such Wisconsin venues as Milwaukee's Rave Bar, The Rock Shop, Vnuk's Lounge, The Mainstage, The Dr's Office, Bobby Rockets, 324 Live in Lacrosse, and the Klinic in Madison.

In Illinois we have rocked Lenny the Legends, Dizzy's Bar, The Scoreboard, Nite Cap Lounge, Champs Rock Room, Silvies Lounge, and The Penny Road Pub.

No stranger to rocking out with great bands, we have opened for long time acts like Queensryche, Jackyll, Dokken. We've played with up and coming rockers like Alston, Revalation Theory, and Copper. And, we have established ourselves as one of the premier regional acts sharing the stage with such establsihed artists as Spiral Trance, Lithic, Snooky, 18 Speed Tranny, Sky and the Execution, Silence is Broken, Power Junkie, Chubby Knuckles, Master Sin, and Universal Slim and The Blues Kangaroos.


Current Discography
Reasons and Rubbish
Release set for June 2007
(Unofficial Tracklisting)
1. Blue
2. Hazel
3. Song 4
4. Fade
5. Stale

"Breach" (2004 Rockit Records USA)
1. Aetaluta
2. Antifreeze
3. Without Sin
4. Fallen Brothers
5. I'm Right
6. 54 1/8
7. Song 2
8. Rakes and Bushes
9. I Am

Breach Singles

'Burning Down The Playhouse" (Demo 2003)
1. G66
2. Song 2
3. Fallen Brothers
4. Ave Satanis

"The Quiet" (2002 Demo)
1. Yesterday's Pardon
2. Song 2
3. Breathe
4. Happily Never After

Set List

We consider oursleves and original hard rock power trio first and foremost.

Our ideal set ranges from 45-70 minutes consisting of about 90% original material, and a few obscure covers that twist and turn into pieces that fit our sound.