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"Online Review Nov 13th 2004"

Those of you who have had the opportunity to see Leviathans Choir live....have been blessed with one hell of a band!
I owned their CD for approximately 2 months before I saw them play on stage. Before that I just could not seem to coordinate a time to catch a show. I found out that I had been suffering a deprivation that I was not even aware of. (it happens to us all...we just don't know it) ..........This band has talent that their cd just cannot show you. Tim will astound you with what he can do on that kit he sits behind. Transitions are delivered with unbelievable smoothness....better than most local drummers I have observed. Not to say they are not good also...just that they can't pull off transitions like Tim can...they should try, oh man they should try! Smooth, very smooth.
The guitars delivered chilling sounds and melodic riffs. I love guitar....especially when played with the talent that Leviathans Choir exhibited. These statements include the driving sounds of the bass. They are so tight together...they enjoy what they are doing and it shows, through sight and sound.

""Breach" Online Review"

During the first few spins of the debut album from Leviathan's Choir, it's easy to dismiss this Midwestern quartet as a dark group of depressed young people simply attempting to mimic their influences - who must most notably include Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Tool and Rush. After all, lead vocalist Doug Balmes has one of those alternative-grunge voices that bridges Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley, and the music on Breach is down-tuned at least a half-step to shoot ominous chunks of angst from your speakers. But, boy, do those chunks ever sound lethal, as the renowned Gary Tanin, who has worked with members of Genesis and the Violent Femmes, produced Breach.

After a few more spins, though, Leviathan's Choir begins to evolve, sounding both retro and modern at the same time, and almost living up to the first word in its name and the image that dominates Breach's cover art - a mammoth-sized ancient sea creature. You'll hear intricate guitar work inserted into the middle of the verses on “Without Sin,” an undeniable groove that propels “I'm Right” straight into your brain and melancholy instrumental passages in "Rakes and Bushes" that mesmerize before fading into rapid half-sung/half-spoken vocal dynamics. Lyrics about salvation and conquest also lift Breach out of the angst pit.

It's growing on me …

- www.seaoftranquility.org

""Breach" Official Press Release"

Leviathans Choir – “Breach”
Greendale, WI USA – June 29, 2004 – RockIt Records & Recording™, A Division of Heavygunz Enterprises Inc; is thrilled to announce the release of “BREACH,” the eagerly anticipated debut CD by Leviathan’s Choir.
‘Leviathan’ alludes to an ancient sea creature of mammoth proportions; similarly the groups CD, “BREACH,” is a real ‘monster’ destined to capture a large listening audience. Leviathan’s Choir is building a reputation as a consummate performing band and “BREACH” faithfully reproduces the live energy that radiates from the stage during their live show. The nine original tunes were written by the band, which includes lyricists, guitarists, and vocalists Doug Balmes and Matt Yaeger, Bassist Mark Burns, and drummer Tim Noonan.
“BREACH” has an edgy, industrial guitar driven sound with reference to gothic and metal influences, yet it is balanced and artistic in a way seldom achieved by groups of that genre. Although the songs may sound like they originate from the ‘dark side’, the album ultimately offers moments of hope, redemption, and conquest. Buy and listen to this CD… join the ‘choir.’
Music Journalists, Music Program Directors, Promoters, and Agents should contact RockIt Records to receive a promotional copy of the “BREACH” CD for consideration.
- www.rockitrecordsusa.com

"Live Review 1/26/2005"

I went to this show only because I wanted to see Leviathan's Choir play live. They were one of the bands that played at the Queensryche pre-show party. We arrived at The Rave at just about 7:30pm because that was when we were told that Leviathan's Choir would be starting. What we didn't anticipate was that there would be hordes of people at The Rave this evening, that there would be lines to get in and get through security, and that Leviathan's Choir would start exactly on time.

After waiting in line for an alcohol bracelet and going through security, we got in to the side bar where Leviathan's Choir was playing. Sadly, it appears that we may have missed the first song but I really enjoyed the rest. It was a great show, albeit rather short ( only 7 songs - 30 minutes total). They sounded tight and they are pretty awesome live. They have a unique sound that I can only say sounds similar to some Tool stuff that I have heard and liked. I was hoping to get a set list but I was too lazy. I wanted to get a T-shirt but they weren't selling any. I hope to get some pictures from their photographer and if I do, I will post them here. One of the guy's girlfriend gave us pins. Someone walked up and gave us CD from The Lovebats, the band that played before Leviathan's Choir, which was cool because we missed them live. For more information about Leviathan's Choir, check out http://www.leviathanschoir.com/. I look forward to seeing them again live.

- www.bright-noise.com


Current Discography
Reasons and Rubbish
Release set for June 2007
(Unofficial Tracklisting)
1. Blue
2. Hazel
3. Song 4
4. Fade
5. Stale

"Breach" (2004 Rockit Records USA)
1. Aetaluta
2. Antifreeze
3. Without Sin
4. Fallen Brothers
5. I'm Right
6. 54 1/8
7. Song 2
8. Rakes and Bushes
9. I Am

Breach Singles

'Burning Down The Playhouse" (Demo 2003)
1. G66
2. Song 2
3. Fallen Brothers
4. Ave Satanis

"The Quiet" (2002 Demo)
1. Yesterday's Pardon
2. Song 2
3. Breathe
4. Happily Never After



We are the band that refuses to go away.......

Over the course of the last 4 years we have been faced with pre show tragedies like car crashes hours before shows, minor strokes, animal attacks, and other random acts of God. Through it all though we looked at each other, laughed and kept our show must go on mentality!

When we weren't faced with certain doom, we have played such Wisconsin venues as Milwaukee's Rave Bar, The Rock Shop, Vnuk's Lounge, The Mainstage, The Dr's Office, Bobby Rockets, 324 Live in Lacrosse, and the Klinic in Madison.

In Illinois we have rocked Lenny the Legends, Dizzy's Bar, The Scoreboard, Nite Cap Lounge, Champs Rock Room, Silvies Lounge, and The Penny Road Pub.

No stranger to rocking out with great bands, we have opened for long time acts like Queensryche, Jackyll, Dokken. We've played with up and coming rockers like Alston, Revalation Theory, and Copper. And, we have established ourselves as one of the premier regional acts sharing the stage with such establsihed artists as Spiral Trance, Lithic, Snooky, 18 Speed Tranny, Sky and the Execution, Silence is Broken, Power Junkie, Chubby Knuckles, Master Sin, and Universal Slim and The Blues Kangaroos.