Levi Chen & Liquid Gardens
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Levi Chen & Liquid Gardens

Hollywood, California, United States | INDIE | AFM

Hollywood, California, United States | INDIE | AFM
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Media Quotes"

“There are certain timeless elements of music that have the power to soothe, relax, heal and reconnect us to the greatness of the universe. Levi Chen does just that.”
– Allmusic.com

"Levi Chen has concocted an East/West and further west fusion...beautifully fragile melodies draped in ethereal atmospheres." – Billboard Magazine

“Highly original yet profoundly peaceful... each listening yields new delights and serene feelings... these instruments sound as though they were made to go together, and Chen’s electric guitar is the glue that holds them all seamlessly together...” – Seattle Times

"Few have brought together the ages like string virtuoso Levi Chen...spinning dreamy clouds filled with echoes and eerie twang as if Pink Floyd had been produced by Confucius...." – Vancouver Echo

“Levi Chen can take you directly into musical meditations... music that has to be heard to be believed... it’s unique quality will impress you beyond words.” - New Texas Magazine

"Lush soundscapes balanced by enthralling melodies...personally I believe that Leo Fender smiled when he heard the true voice of his creation in Levi Chen's most capable hands." - The New Age Sampler

"Bringing together the sounds of electric guitar with the Gu Zheng, a harp-like instrument with a 3,000-year history in China, Levi creates expansive, smoky sonic atmospheres that bridge musical taste and history all at once." -CD Baby Review

"The symmetry of East and West he achieves lets the two instruments meld their sounds together...Levi Chen manages to express himself with a distinctive voice that sets him a notch above a very crowded field." - New Age Voice

“He places notes as an artist might paint, precisely and impeccably, weaving whole cloth out of the musical heritage of two wildly disparate times and cultures...a deeply spiritual, meditative jam session...”- New Age Retailer

"His music is supernatural, he is one of a kind and that gives me goosebumps everytime i remember seing him in concert."
-CD Baby fan review by Rdot


Levi Chen’s music has been heard on over 350 radio stations in 30 countries worldwide and has been featured on such hit television shows such as Friends and Dangerous Minds.
- various


Levi Chen & Liquid Gardens CDs

1) Devocean (new) 2007 TBA
2) Alhambra 2002
3) Liquid Gardens 1999
4) Levitation 1998
5) Celtic Zen 1997
6) Meditation Of My Soul 1996
7) Haiku Moon 1995
8) Tao 1994

Levi Chen & Liquid Gardens are currently filming a new 2007 live tour DVD and CD.



Welcome to Liquid Gardens...
In a daily expanding world of available music, Levi Chen’s unique musical voice is instantly recognizable. Performing solo, or with his ensemble Liquid Gardens, Levi’s sound is for anyone who appreciates the musical experience of inspired compositions performed by a visionary artist.

"Levi creates expansive, smoky sonic atmospheres that bridge musical taste and history all at once."
-CD Baby Review

Levi performs on one of the newest and one of the oldest stringed instruments known to man: a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar, and the Gu Zheng (Chinese Harp or Zither,) an ancient instrument played in China for 3,000 years. His ability to express himself on these two instruments is all the more remarkable in that he performs on them simultaneously, a technique he calls ‘solo duets.’

Levi's influences are as un-categorizable as is his music: Hendrix, Eno, Miles, Beatles, Beethoven, Sakamoto, Santana, Turkish and Middle Eastern, Motown, Pete Seger, Bob Marley, Black Uhuru, Native American, Barry White, Mozart, Stevie Wonder, Pink Floyd, Eric Satie, Portishead, U2, Peter Gabriel, Police, Radiohead, Dire Straits, Celtic, Cocteau Twins, Neil Young, Japanese cinema, Salvador Dali, Kandinsky, Picasso, Lao Tzu, Rumi...

"His music is supernatural, he is one of a kind...gives me goosebumps everytime I remember seing him in concert."
-CD Baby fan review by Rdot

Truly one of the most unique performers in the world (!), Levi's music reaches across all ages, ethnicities and nationalities. The instrumental foundation crosses all borders, and integrates cultural and regional music and styles effortlesly. No words are ever necessary in Liquid Gardens, though there may be some...the music is spiritual in nature, yet is sexy and groove based; contemplative and profound, yet rocks out and soars; intensely mellow yet engaging and uplifting...always highly appreciated by fans of live music!

An intense and dynamic performer, Levi has the gift of being able to touch the hearts and minds of listening audiences. His “Eastern Western” compositions provide sonic canvases for his signature guitar work and frequent improvisation. True to musical tradition, Levi Chen and Liquid Gardens are at their best in concert. They are continually evolving with the music, and go from delivering a tight pop performance to expanded jamband improvisation, in a heartbeat, “Live in the moment.”
The core of Liquid Gardens consists of Matt McJunkins on bass and keys, and Josh Rosenfeld on drums and keys. The chemistry between Levi and Matt (3 yrs and still floating!)is magical, and the dedication of the rythym section is loud and clear. They are frequently joined by guest musicians; from keyboards and percussion to sax and flutes...

A seasoned and internationally experienced performer, and self described "Taoist Rasta Zen Cowboy Gypsy 007," Levi would rather be on stage than anywhere else. This desire, combined with his unique visual appeal, talent, and most importantly the music itself, has led him to perform and travel across the US, Europe and Asia. He has lived 5 years in Europe and speaks 5 languages.

Levi and the music he calls 'Liquid Gardens' have been heard on over 350 radio stations, in over 30 countries. He has just completed his eighth studio album "DEVOCEAN" which is currently 10 weeks and climbing on the STS radio charts Hot 100, AC/Hot AC, and college formats. His 2002 recording “Alhambra,” was the Number #1 radio recording for October 2001, as reported on The New Age Voice “Airwaves” airplay charts. His music has been featured on national and international TV shows, such as “Friends” and “Dangerous Minds.” Levi plans to release a 'holiday' song and a “Live” CD + DVD package for release in late 2007.

"Lush soundscapes balanced by enthralling melodies.... Personally I believe that Leo Fender smiled when he heard the true voice of his creation in Levi Chen's most capable hands.”
BEAR, Host/Producer on WWSP 90FM,