Levi Fuller

Levi Fuller


Lovely, spooky, pretty, sad songs that fuse Appalachia, delta blues, and low-key indie rock. Lyrical content is unexpected, engaging, and occasionally disturbing.


In 2004, inspired by Seattle's ubiquitous Northwestern Crow (Corvus caurinus), Levi Fuller began work on his second album, This Murder Is a Peaceful Gathering, a collection of songs about crows. After several months of writing, he enlisted Brian Deck (Iron & Wine, Califone, Fruit Bats, Ugly Casanova, Modest Mouse, etc.) to produce and mix, and with help from Gillian Lisée (Fruit Bats, Orso, Califone) and Gavin Gregory (Water Kill the Sun), the album was completed over the course of a week at Engine Studios in Chicago. Levi released This Murder Is a Peaceful Gathering on March 7, 2006.

Levi Fuller is originally from Boston, but he has lived in Seattle since the fall of 2001. Having played various instruments in various bands for several years, he began his solo career shortly after moving to Seattle. In the past few years he has become an integral part of Seattle's music community, playing out regularly, and starting new music projects such as Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly, a quarterly compilation of songs by artists from Seattle and beyond.


This Murder Is a Peaceful Gathering (released March 7, 2006) - currently going for adds on college radio across the U.S.
How Did I Get Here? (2003)

Set List

I usually play 6-9 songs, depending on how long I have (30-45 minutes in most cases). I generally focus on my current album, with a couple songs from my first album and a couple unreleased songs. I don't do covers that often, but every once in a while I'll play "Love Will Ruin Your Mind" by Lungfish, "Prayer to God" by Shellac, or "Seasons of Wither" by Aerosmith.