Levi Stress

Levi Stress

BandHip Hop

Pure Raw Lyrics and boom bap beats this ones for the real hip hop heads the street scholar the college professor your local hair dresser my music is for everyone who has a open mind to change Peace


What's up it ya Boy L.Stress I look Myself as a artist Especially as a Emcee I'm a communicator I'm a knowledge seeker or people wish to seek knowledge thru my words or music I'm mcee that's based with a canter or not being a coomerical artist based "Rapper" I've had a feel and emotion for this music since 7th grade in Junior High withgroups Like Run D.M.CBoogie Down ProducitonsPublic Enemy GangStarr tribe called quest afrika bam Grandmaster Flash so I'm in the movement of bring back the golden era to this artform because that what this is My music is set apart from other groups because of the unique quality you feel when you put it in your c.d player the true school comes out you Remineesence of hip hop in it's pure form that's what this music was created from raw beats and dope rhymesis what to expect from L.Stress also big up to Phat on the Production Pete Rock,Primo get at em Peace


First album was Worldwind expedection my second was Half man Half Amazin third joint was Shawshank Redemption and Now this One Back 2 the Essence Your Quintessential Hip Hop Tour Guide

Set List

My set List is usually 30 to 45 minutes