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Levon - Levon 2010
Levon - SIngalong Ep 2010



With a history in pop and metal, the only place to go was alt-country inspired rock n roll according to William Lebihan, chief songwriter of Levon, Brisbane Australia's latest globe-trotting rock act.

With Lebihan spending the last two years in the UK, and fellow Levon member Rob Penman on the Sunshine coast, the album was written and recorded with Brisbane's Caleb James in a flurry of home demos transferred via MP3 from country to country – State to State before a hurried two week studio session and another few months of pen-pal style production. It’s a far cry from the band's previous incarnation of the 1990s both in style and in the resultant genre, introducing a genuine international flavour.

The 90s were kind to Brisbane's live rock scene and at the forefront of that wave were Pharaoh's Playground, featuring both Lebihan and Penman, a trio on the cutting edge of heavy rock, which was to pave the way to Brisbane's metal scene of the early 2000s which launched acts the likes of The Butterfly Effect, Dead Letter Circus and Melodyssey.

But then song writing took over Lebihan's life with the act dissolving and a solo album resulting with a sharp turn towards classic song writing and acoustic and harmony based production.

“I have always felt that a good song is a good song, regardless of genre” said Lebihan. “It all comes back to if you can play it on a guitar and sing it on your own in your bedroom and it sounds good, you're on a good thing.”

In the UK Lebihan continued to perform, write and record, creating a library of great songs and moving into territory he describes as “southern fried alt-country”.

“London seems a strange place to get the inspiration for a genre like that, but once again, it comes down to the songs. As I move forward, it’s the life experiences and emotions that come out in my songs and this is the album we've always been inspired to make –it’s a style that feels natural to me and seems to suit my voice. During the recording and production process the genre was evident within the songs in their purest form – the production Caleb introduced suited the songs and the sounds on the recording all complement – Caleb did an excellent job as always.”

The album features classic tracks including the first single “The Subject” with a timeless quality and sing-along chorus which has already attracted the attention of industry in the UK.