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Lewd Buddha

Breinigsville, Pennsylvania, United States

Breinigsville, Pennsylvania, United States
Band Rock Jam


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Lewd Buddha Plays Red Cross Benifit"

Lewd Buddha performed 3 songs from their CD - “Stay Away From Me,” “Sucka Punch,” and “Pieces.”
Their sound is very funky, jazzy, fun, and unique... Hendrix meets Santana. Lewd Buddha produced an amazing wall of sound, created quite a lot of energy from the stage and throughout the room, and were quite a bit of fun. Definitely would have liked to hear more music beyond this short 20 minute set which was the format for all performances except for the headliner. - Aural Fix - Vinnie Dimarco

"By Rikki Lana"

Lewd Buddha cuts across many of the music’s pre-conceived notions and their rock/funk axis unfurls when they emerge on a solid groove

This records persona is half soul, half rock and where the twain meets, they overlap cleverly and in synch. There is a fresh approach and the writing is original. - Good Times Magazine

"CD Review - Soap & Tobasco - 2"

Lewd Buddha : Soap and Tobasco
Review: This is a band who problably won't appeal to most people who are into this site, but I kind of enjoyed this. They're kind of funky rock with some soulful singing. You can tell that they really feel their music. It's got a great vibe. The production quality is outstanding, and they're all pretty good musicians. What the vocalists lack in technical skills, they make up for in feeling and soul. Very creative band name and CD cover concept. This band sounds like a lot of fun!

Favorite Tracks: "Habitual Ritual", "Pieces", "Eight Days Ago"
Least Favorite Tracks: "She's So Cool"
By Ryan Lane
- MusicMayhem.com

"Lewd Buddah: Halfway to Enlightenment"

... this band has plenty of talent and heart.

The band sounds like they truly love to sing, make music and party down. The players can all play their instruments very well. The singers muster up plenty of soul and energy.

"Sucka Punch" is a good example of making it work. Big, soulful vocals, a ripping sax solo and tastefully inventive changes make this track stand out.

The best tracks on the disc are the last two. The gear shifting "Eight Days Ago" is a decent piece of funk metal, complete with electrifying guitar pyrotechnics and haunting harmonies.

It's followed by the head-banging "Good Old Rotten Days." Bristling with doom-ridden punk rock energy.
- Cole Hons for the CDT

"CD Review - Soap & Tobasco"

*A blend of rock, soul, funk, blues, jam, and some Latin flavor provide a magical beat with vocals to match.

* …you can tell that Buddha is not afraid to show off everything they've got...

* ...the album features the funky beats and a great combination of complementary male and female vocals..

* What this band doesn't fall short on…is a kick-ass debut CD that does not cease to entertain. - Matt Fisher from www.fliggil.com

"From LB's Guestbook and Shows"

**Sweet Aurel goodness. Loved the site, loved the 'stay away' sample. and gotta love that name.

**Hey every thing looks and sounds great. Can't wait to see you see play live good luck rockin down all the places you play. Never stop rockin!!

**Just want you to know you're CD sounds AWESOME!
Lani Ford (stark)

**Hi! We just saw your show at the Iguana in NY Saturday night and it was great! We were the Detroit group right up front. We had a long trip back last night and we listened to your cd the whole way home. Just thought I would check out your website and pass the word along about how much we enjoyed listening to you. Keep up the great work! You have a great sound!!!

**I only have 5 seconds to type cause I must leave for work.. but I wanted to tell you guys that I got your cd and check YOU ARE AMAZING>>> pieces is definitely going to be your first single when you make it big, and i would do anything to help you get there... I was dancing in front of the mirror to it, and the guys painting my house are Chilean, caught me and were cracking up and told me I like really good music... so thanks for the cd....here's to making it big...your great!!!!

**Lewd Buddha ....rocked the house. I was extremely impressed... Great, high energy, rockin jams...seemed to just give it their all. Will definitely see both of them again! All in all a great time seemed to be had by everyone. NOW I love Lewd Buddha...
liv2luv - Various


Still working on that hot first release.



The members of Lewd Buddha create a tasty form of "Sonic Gumbo" by blending elements of Rock, Funk, Soul, and Blues with a dash of Latin flavor. Lewd Buddha has been described as an "Urban Jam Band" that redefines the jam genre by incorporating grit into a melodic flow.

 Lewd Buddha is known for serving up in high-octane performances by its five full- members. Has the house band for several high profile and famous venues such as the Bitter End in NYC, Buddha's  popularity spans various listening audiences. Their music has also backed several hip-hop artists during free style jam settings, rocked large jam and rock festivals and tore the roof of several smaller venues around the country.Lewd Buddha delivers an electrifying performance filled with energy, power and spirit.

Lewd Buddha has had the privilege of sharing the stage with many national and international acts including Rusted Root, Big Fuzz, Burning Spear, Project Object, Randy Jackson from Zebra, Jen Durkin & The Bomb Squad, U-Melt, Scarecrow Collection, and George Clinton & The P-Funk, just to name a few.

Lewd Buddha's first record, "Soap & Tobasco" was released back in 2003 to rave reviews as well as their sophomore effort, "Life in Interesting Times which was released in 2005. Recently, Lewd Buddha's "Habitual Ritual" was featured in the April/May 2007 edition of RELIX Magazine's CD sampler. Their most recent release, Chasin the Monkey has set them apart as the premiere Rock\Jam band for the ever changing music world.

Lewd Buddha's unique parts are what make it the musical sensation that it is. The band has recently wrapped up a very successful summer long tour of the continental United States & US Caribbean Islands. Currently, Lewd Buddha is in the process of recording their much anticipated, as of yet, untitled fourth record!

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