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This Stone
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Lewie was raised in London, by an Irish mother and a Jamaican Father.
His father was a Voodoo Priest, who was constantly at war with his son. He eventually threw Lewie out at the young age of 16 after a dispute where Lewie broke his fathers twin doll (Voodoos keep a doll if there twin dies. Lewie's Father had a twin, who died at birth).
Lewie's mother was the more stable character, except that she suffered from OCD. You can hear this 'rub off' in Lewie's music, it creeps up with a certain awkwardness.
Lewie was always involved in creating from an early age. After learning drums from attending his Fathers local gatherings, Lewie's appetite for melody moved him to Guitar, Bass and Singing. His family couldn't afford tuition fees, so he had to teach himself.
He claims that he rarely listens to music, so perhaps this is the reason his music is unique and hard to categorize.
It just sounds like it comes naturally, unforced and 'direct from the self':

"Every now-and-then, everyone feels the desire to hear some music/sounds. When this desire hits me, I pick up my Guitar, and the sounds come... But some people pick up a CD. Everything I write contradicts itself, but not in an obvious way, because most of it sounds obvious!? I love the idea that; at the brink of total understanding, you discover that you could be totally wrong. To me, my music sounds like the dots on the Ying and Yang."

His music is a series of Acoustic Folk stories, with a simply honest vocal, very rhythmic Guitar, theatrical and melodic backing vocals and a basic striped sound. His stories can be insightful, naive and often both simultaneously.
But ultimately it sounds like nothing you've ever heard!