Lewis Brothers

Lewis Brothers

 Chillicothe, Ohio, USA

High energy, folky rock, punk-a-billy, "Lewgrass" -- whatever you want to call it, this is a band that is best experienced live, and you're guaranteed to have fun.


Lewis Brothers are a supercharged folk rock group from Appalachia guaranteed to make you move. Their music is a melting pot of rock-a-billy, swing, bluegrass, and folk featuring traditional instruments, rich harmonies, and a contagious energy.

They have traveled the United States delivering unparalleled performances at venues large and small. Their songs are more than just foot tappers -- they are body movers. So bring your dancing shoes and get your party on!

Call it supercharged folk rock. Call it Hillbillery. Call it fun. Call it Lewis Brothers.

The band was formed by brothers Russell P., Richard, and Jeffro Lewis with friend Dennis Foreman, each bringing a unique talent to the group. Dennis brings a high-energy rhythmic performance as the brothers exchange responsibilities of banjo, guitar, and upright bass.



Written By: J. A. Lewis

Hey, Hey Sister, how you feel tonight?
Hey, Hey Sister, do you feel alright?
If you really do then for a night or two be mine
I just heard from Bobby Lynn that you’re back with that guy again
He might just be a hobby when you’re sick and tired of other men
Maybe I could be a good way to waste your time

If you were a flower growing in the in the morning dew
If you were a flower I believe I would pick you
Or maybe just stand beside you and watch you grow
You are just a little bird flying in the sky
Like this tiny little world is your own lullaby
What goes around will soon come down I know

Hold your little horses in this world of divorces
The saddest thing of course, is the life of you and your sister
Is fine if you don’t mind the pain
Bring your sister and leave your man
Bring your sister, baby take me by the hand
That life’s a blast but it won’t last
So pack your bags with your best rags
I’ll take you both to the southern coast of Spain

Hey! Take my hand!
Hey! Leave your man!
Hey! How you feel tonight?

Get it together

Written By: J. A. Lewis

I can see you, I can hear you, I can hope the way you’re feeling today subsides
It’s like a hole in the bottom of your boat when you’re floatin’ down the river of life
Each of the days that you look for who is saving you instead of saving yourself, instead
Is creating the dreams and the way that it seems somebody’s keeping you from getting ahead
Get it together, man
You got to get it together, you know

Walking the streets while hoping to meet somebody holding opportunity
While you’re floating through the sea – the city – with a head full of ecstasy
Put away your pocketbook, take yourself another look, look what’s falling out of your reach
Quite plugging up the hole, just buy another boat, give the old one to somebody on the beach
Get it together, man
You got to get it together, you know

Have you heard?
Have you heard?
Have you heard from me?

Get it together…

I Took a Shot of Whiskey (and my woman disappeared)

Written By: J. A. Lewis

Late one night in a C-bus bar
I’m sipping my pride from a mason jar
There’s a pretty little lady just standing right here
I took a shot of whiskey and my woman disappeared

I called that lady on the cellular phone
Said I love ya lady and I hate to be alone
I hope what’s going down isn’t what I fear
When I took a shot of whiskey and my woman disappeared

Back when I could see I saw her talking to a guy
She was laughing at his jokes and looking in his eyes
I didn’t have a knife or a bottle of beer
So I took a shot of whiskey and my woman disappeared

Late one night in a C-bus bar
I’ve got a Colt .44 and a feeling of war
For the pretty little lady, well the end is near
I took a shot of whiskey and my woman disappeared

Power Monkey

Written By: R. P. Lewis

Well thank you but you’re just another pay-check in disguise.
Tell me now, what is wrong with all those other guys?
The attention that they’re giving you, should not go unseen.
That silver spoon don’t taste so good when the handle isn’t clean.
So here we are together, and I just can’t figure why.
The fact I stood three feet above you, somehow made you mine.
There’s not that many things about me that I want you to know.
What’s with all the questions, am I staring in your show?
And I feel I’ma being interviewed, and I still can’t figure why.
The only thing I promised you is I would make you cry.
And I guess you took that as a challenge. You’re tough after all.
But to crack this code, you’ll need more, than your wonder bra.
Why, oh why, do you think we hafta play this game.
I was honest from the start girl, so don’t hang your head in shame.
Just take the good times as they come, don’t document the past.
Tommorrow is another day, lets make this night last.
And I’m almost positive that you are pretty sure I’m wrong,
About the last few hours and that we can’t continue on.
But let me let you in on a little secret that I know.
Tomorrow you’ll still be here, but tonight I hafta go.
So please don’t ever feel like that you spent this night in vain.
Just think of what I’d tell my friends, If I only knew your name.

Scattered Concentration

Written By: R. P. Lewis

Whatever you’re troubled about,
I wish you didn’t have to shout,
about it like you didn’t have a plan.
With all that noise, there comes trouble
I can’t help I can’t hear double
And understand the madness now at hand.
I’m not a man concerned about
What other people think about
the little things that I don’t understand.
And I cant think of any other,
reason now than the other,
reason we should be here as we stand.
But if you like me,
I can be yours tonight.
But if you don’t,
Then I won’t!


Lewis Brothers "Live EP" - Summer 2009

Lewis Brothers "Bollocks" - July 2010
-Available on iTunes, Pandora, Amazon

Lewis Brothers "Folk & Camp Fire Songs" - March 2012

Set List

Lewis Brothers are comfortable performing two basic types of shows:
1. The "power set" - intended to inject serious energy into any audience, this set is usually 45-75 minutes of original tunes and possibly a cover or two.

2. The "bar gig" - lasting 2 to 3 hours, usually split into two sets, this one will guarantee blisters on your dancing feet.

Some Original Songs:
1. Thrifty
2. Same Old Song
3. Sunburn
4. Get It Together
5. Something's Gotta Give
6. Sister
7. Marry Me
8. People Hello
9. In Particular
10. So Long
11. Stickin' You with the Pain
12. Someone to Love
13. Broken Rain
14. I Took a Shot of Whiskey (and My Woman Disappeared)
15. Power Monkey

Typical covers include rearranged fresh takes on Kings of Leon, Woody Guthrie, Hank Williams, Kenny Rogers, Ryan Adams, Patsy Cline, and other traditional folk tunes, among others.