Lewis Larke Band

Lewis Larke Band


There is a bigger love that burns inside keeping safe distance from our human pride But that is cold, cold comfort as the waters rise So keep your feet moving as you wait on the tide... Don't you know... Sweet sweet nothings fade away and anyone who wants to can change their day...


My actual situation is as follows. I am a professional musician which only means that I get paid to play. I've been doing between 4 to 6 weekly gigs for the last 5 years in a cover band that plays in Bars, weddings and cooperate events. This is where I earned the money to pay for our studio time and the first 1000 copies of this work, which I will be giving away to radio stations, friends and fans etc. The musicians in the project are the real thing. All the keyboard and drum tracks were played live in real time in two or three takes. All guitar and vocals we're also done as quickly as was humanly possible
We are interested in the possiblility of receiving Radio airplay and funding to finish professionally a CD of Twelve songs. Touring as a support band to anyone who is as equally enthusiastic about what they do would be my idea of heaven.
Our message is loud but not in your face.


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Written By: Lewis Larke Band


Jacob's song

Written By: Lewis Larke

1)There's no cause for concern though this may take a while
The past is still present and shines like a smile
It's a strange situation but the wheels are in spin Yeah we take at face value what's written within

2)It's not easy to answer not in this town
The light floods the water as the night slowly drowns
and The boys, bricks, sticks and things will cut you but don't let them bring you down
It's your game you've got to play don't let them show you the way.
Wake up it's your best friend who's calling these words on which she depends the days go by and still she's calling... won't you take my hand
3)I can't fix what is broken but brother don't you be shy
It's our time we're fighting for not some place in the sky
The plains, trains and automobiles got to help this thing
but fossil fuels and school rules ain't gonna give us wings
(solo keys)


We've just been accepted for as an Upstream Radio artist and shall soon be going on air in the US! (See www.usa4real.com). If you´ve got time check out our videos in you tube http://www.youtube.com/LewisLarkeBand. This is the debut work of this singer songwriter. The CD we want to promote is called 5 of 12. These first 5 songs will be the ones uploaded on the web. The idea is to create enough interest in this music to enable us to record professionally the full 12. This demo CD (first 5 tracks) was recorded in approx. 24 hrs. Due to a tight budget and tighter schedule.

Set List

A typical set list would include 10 originals and 5 or 6 covers. The covers include a lot of different stuff such as The Stones, Sting, Bob marley and anything else we can twist and change in our own way.