Lewis vs Clark

Lewis vs Clark


Heavy, but catchy. Spirit filled hardcore for fans of The Devil Wears Prada, With Blood Comes Cleansing and As I Lay Dying


We're 4 guys you would never expect to be playing Christian hardcore.. we're really young, probably one of the youngest bands in this country in our genre. We play for Jesus Christ, and love sharing his love to everyone we can. www.myspace.com/lewisvsclark


This Shallow Tomb

Written By: Lewis vs Clark

follow on, through this valley we travel, where these floweres are blooming so scarlet. these rouge waters expect us to follow their neverending paths. we share no mercy. we shall fight this burdensom battle until this scorching crown is won over. i will never fear, danger can not frighten me now. i follow onward.


Written By: Lewis vs Clark

into the realm of eternity i stand, waiting to see my pathway before my eyes. forever ill ponder the conclusion of my ending, the end that will not come. the son of light , the almighty, condemed himself for the mercy that fall before my heart, shielding me from the autrocities that roam this unbidden land. my God im not worthy. giving up the perfect for unperfect is a noble yet destined decision, Lord your omnipotent. take my blinding life and weild it in your hands, use me in your frontline of defense, i will not fail you...for the knowledge of your love prevents me.


Resilience(7 song demo) - 2007
Demo 08(2 new songs up for free download on myspace) - 2008

Set List

Intro + This Shallow Tomb
Dynasties in the Sky
Forget the Fallen
Through the Ages
New song(untitled at the moment)

around 25-30 minutes, it changes depending on the show.. No covers.