Lexa Raquel

Lexa Raquel


Lexa Raquel writes and plays an eclectic mix of Pop, R&B, Funk and Rock. Her lyrics and vocals belie her age of 19. Lex's drive and commitment to her music shine through in every performance.

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Written By: Lexa Raquel

Verse 1
Tease my thoughts tonight
And make me feel like
This sweet high will last forever
Torment me tonight
And take me on a ride
That you know I’ll always remember

Take me on the ride, of my life, for the night
To the other side, feelin’ right over drive
You are bona fide, lookin’ tight, supafly
Exhaust me, exhaust me

Verse 2
If you take it slow at first
Than you must get to work
With all that force underneath your hood
Shift it to reverse
Let me really immerse
Myself into your hot rod for good


Put it (me) into first and show me
How you think you really know me



"One of a Kind", this single reached #9 on the Billbaord Hot Single Sales Chart and #22 on the Digital Radio Tracker airplay charts.