North Port, Florida, USA
BandHip HopSinger/Songwriter

A passionate rapper that has mastered his craft as a song writter(hip hop ,r&b) and a outstanding performer


A small town guy with a big hart. Who still seems to chase a dream even after getting faced with the odds he had to face. From growin up in the hood, to goin to prison at 19 all because of the wrong crowd. But i take that part of my life and put it all in my music, The mistake i made and try to send the message that if you were delt the hand i was delt this is how u conduct your self.


im bout my money

Written By: LEX

hook one thing ima always have comin/
ill neva let a nigga take from me/
cause im bout my money/
and i got my shit stacked in a pile/
tryna make my money move a moutain/
im bout my money i said dat im bout my money/
bitch i mean dat im bout my money/

verse 1 i got plent money i need plent more/
8,9,10 figures nigga really doe /
wont stop til my face on a center fold/
i be on my grind in 3 words bitch give me more/
if yall robbin yall niggas is starvin/
cuz im gaining weight movin work wit no problem/
thats y they envy/
me go hard on the block so im mvp/
niggas lien out here screamin 10 a key/
im from da gunshine were da deal 23/
850 for the o but u gotta buy 3/
when every body else dry so u gotta buy me/
whip game proper make a half fit a hole pot/
never in da microwave man we in da stove top/
break dat bitch down in lil squares n we own now/
dish dat bitch out n serve it all to da hole block/


verse 2
but if them coppas catch me gotta hit the stash bond out re-up back up on da ave just took a loss i gotta get it back call me for a gram its gone weigh one wit da bag came up from nothin didnt ask nobody i aint goin back to broke for nobody break down dime wat u think they made for for all da real niggas who got shit i need payed for got wat i got cuz it stuck to da plan and i cant throw my money cuz its stuck to my hand made wat i made off supply and demand yea they say dat nigga eatin i dont give a damn no time for dat i gotta keep shit comin most niggas fall off cuzu aint thinkin bout money need more doe to fit in my not thats cash on delevery i need mines now


but if u wanna stunt go head nigga shine but be carfull u dont no wats on dat nigga mind could be a jack boy he probly on da grind stay low key so a nigga cant touch a dime u can try but da odds aint good try to say u cant be touched better nock on wood keep flossin dat cash thinkin they not gone doit but please dont buck the jack dat shit will not go good you'll play dis shit a game u gone find out for sure i aint spittin wat i think ima tell u wat i no u better be lucky them copers hot right now cuz i probly posted on dat block rite now


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