Lex Grey & The Urban Pioneers

Lex Grey & The Urban Pioneers


A wild hybrid of bawdy blues and rowdy rock delivered with showstopping style.


Lex Grey has mesmerized New York's die-hard music lovers since she thundered on the scene like Mae West on a Harley. Rapidly rising to the status of cult rock diva, her repertoire blends the tortured soul of the blues with bawdy burlesque and Brooklyn attitude. A highlight in New York area clubs and festivals, Lex Grey and The Urban Pioneers have cultivated a gritty sophistication uniting unusual instrumentations, traditional blues and hard hitting classic rock. Born of an impromptu acoustic jam in the back of a Williamsburg (Brooklyn) bar, The Urban Pioneers have expanded to include Leo Binetti (bass), Steve Sclafani (drums), and Victor Deyglio (guitars). On stage The Urban Pioneers explode with energy and passion creating a musical and visual patchwork of wild rock concert, bar room blues, vaudeville theater and after-hours jazz jam. Fronted by sultry Lex in her sequined gown, torn fishnet stockings and well-worn motorcycle boots, the band's eclectic earthiness draws in and embraces people of every taste and background. I'm not conscious of trends- I don't believe you have to fit into a mold." Lex says. "We just stay true to our instincts and influences and it seems people can identify with this honesty. Regardless of culture, regardless of trends, if it comes from the heart, it's both timely and timeless."


Deal Me In - 1995
Beg...Borrow - Steal! - 1996
American Heroine - 2002
Body Of Work - 2005
VA VA VOOM - 2007
Airplay on various blues stations, website and MySpace page.

Set List

Set list consists of a mix of originals and covers. These are the originals:
1. Tears of Blue
2. Wishing Well
3. Hesitation Blues
4. Already Ready
5. Dayshift Bartender
6. My Old Flame
7. Va Va Voom
8. Understand Me
11. Wave The Flag
12. Petals Of A Rose
13. Why
14. Queen Of The Highway
15. Big Brooklyn Sky
16. Stone Blood
17. Evil
18. Last Patriot
19. Dirty Sleazy Blues
20. Gospel ( of Modern Times )
21. Only Love
22. Rather Die
23. Lawless
24. Man's World
25. Hold On
26. It's A Lie
27. Shoot 'Em Up
28. Midnight Sun
29. Deal Me In
30. See That My Grave is Kept Clean
31. Understand Me
32. Bonnie & Clyde
33. Morning Dew
34. Divine
35. Almost Cut My Hair
36. Dog
Covers consist of a wide array of music: Beatles, Janis Joplin, Bluesbreakers, James Brown, Johnny Cash, etc. Any length set, we can cover.