LexiconDon, a band from LA fronted by Alex Koons is part of the new movement brewing in LA surrounding the genre of music called dreamwave. LexiconDon's nostalgic pop music conjurs images of neon nightclubs and palmtree lined streets.


LexiconDon is Alex Koons and Fabian Ordorica, a couple of young icons in the making. A cornerstone of the Binary Family, LexiconDon's music is fresh, uptempo pop music that is rooted firmly in electro and dance. Their live show is a three man setup. High energy, live drums, and full of live synths, their set is sure to ramp up any party to the stratosphere. Alex's stage presence is undeniable and in a scene filled with DJ's huddled behind laptop screens, LexiconDon shines through with a live show showcasing Alex the artist, at the front of the stage, singing for his fans.

LexiconDon has been featured around the web on many blogs as one of the few artists out there making genuine pop music. Their songwriting skills earned them the opening slot for Little Boots historic NME showcase in LA. They've been featured on KCRW as a part of Raul Campos' show, and their songs have received airplay on major radio stations in Berlin. They have 2 songs featured on the recently released compilation album by Binary, Binary Presents: LA Lights. Their song Heart Attack was featured as the debut single from the record and received so much press online that the group leaped into the top 5 most blogged about artists on hypem.com's October 2009 charts. They are currently hard at work finishing up their debut EP, scheduled for a summer 2010 release.


2009 - Binary Presents: LA Lights (2 songs)

Set List

25-45 min set. All original material, occasional covers included.