Lexie Roth

Lexie Roth

 New York City, New York, USA

Original. A voice that will melt you into a puddle. Melodies intertwine with electric guitar like waves on the beach and my songs are very bass and drums focused.


New York born turned Martha's Vineyard resident then turned Brooklyn resident. She is the daughter of Arlen Roth "The Master of the Telecaster" so music has always been second nature and guitars have been at close reach. In her ripe age of 24 she has had the honor to have worked/recorded with artists such as Levon Helm, Amy Helm, Steve Miller, Keith Richards, Jose Feliciano, Billy Gibbons, Lou Pallo, and many other artists such as Nina Violet, Mara Carlyle, Willy Mason and Meredith Sheldon. Her band consists of bass, drums, soaring rhythmic guitar parts and gorgeous three part harmonies. New album out in April 2012


Stay Or Go

Written By: Lexie Roth

Stay or Go

I am so blue my visions are turning to black
You are too new I have to bring you back
Glue my two feet to the floor
See if I can stay here anymore
Give the option to my mind to float away
Maybe catch it again on a rainy day

Will I stay or go Will I stay or go
Will I stay or go will I stay or go
will I stay or go will I stay or go
will I stay or go will I stay or go
will I stay or go will I stay or go

Sunset blaring down the middle of the lane
See if it will take away any of my pain
Every young thing as old growing on it
And I wanna wash free of all it
I close my eyes and maintain the softness when they’re open and I’m witness to all the sadness


Love is like a tv offer its good at first but the fees are endless
You try to keep the flame ignited but the oxygen is leaving and there’s no way to fight it.
You pay insurance all your life then they make you stand and give the worth of your wife
I’m so sick and tired of this game I wanna run to Italy and change my name.



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