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Lexie Luan

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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"Willow's Playlist: Rocking and Rolling with Lexie Luan: Think Patti Smith Meets Courtney Love"

There's something flirty about the breathy undertones of Lexie Luan's voice, and that something is hypnotic, like woodsmoke over a sugar cane. A long-established real-world artist, her career began in the 80s with rock band Fifty/50, appearing with a wide range of artists that included Robert Hazard and the Heroes and The Hooters. Today she relies on the strength of her solo voice and original songwriting, combining blues and rock.

Philadelphia born and bred, Lexie was singing by the age of three in local talent shows, studying drama and dance at school and performing through her teenage years in theatres, choirs and college bars. And that deep love, and long history, of performing feeds into her Second Life shows: an artist so comfortable in their considerable talent, taking such enjoyment in sharing it, is impossible not to enjoy.

"I started singing at a very young age, but I didn't start writing music until I learned how to play the guitar, (age 13)," says Lexie. "I chose the guitar cause it was easier to take to the beach than a piano. I don't think making music was ever a choice for me, it just was. I think it of it more as a given, what I was born to do and meant to be - it's what I do."

"I would describe my music as original, acoustic, honest and edgy at times. It all comes from my heart. I think I would describe my shows the same way. I tell people, I don't blog, I write songs, if you wanna know what I'm thinking, what's going on in my heart, come to a show, I will sing to you all about it."

Lexie originally came to Second Life a few years ago, but left very quickly. "I thought, this program is way too complicated for fun," she explains. "I have been playing music on Second Life since last March. What brought me here was surgery, I had surgery last year, came here for amusement purposes and discovered some really excellent live music. As a musician, I wanted to try it out. I have made some amazing friends, strong influences... SL is always a growing experience for me."

Lexie uses a Behringer xenyx1204fx mixer, a Sure Beta 88 mic and a Hohner acoustic electric guitar for her Second Life performances.

"I do think Second Life has influenced my original music in real life. I have had to raise the bar on my songwriting in order to keep it fresh and new. My originals are tight, rehearsed and I am in a real comfort zone when I play them, and I totally thank Second Life for that. Also I'm able to reach an audience in Europe that I couldn't do in real life on a daily basis. I am working on a tour of Europe this May (hoping it works out) and I have been inquiring about house concerts, mini tours on the East Coast, Mid-west and southern states."
- Exclusive to NWN, Willow Caldera covers SL's burgeoning live music scene

"Lexi Luan: "Meet Lexie""

It’s always exciting when a Second Life musician releases a new song collection and all the more so when several SL musicians collaborate on a project. It displays the huge depth of talent that we have among the working musicians here in SL.

That’s the case with veteran SL player Lexie Luan and her newly-released project appropriately titled “Meet Lexie.” She comes from the Philadelphia live scene where she gigged and recorded with The Lexie Smith Band. She’s been playing the virtual club circuit since March, steadily building a large and loyal following.

Lexie and I sat together recently to listen to the four tracks on the set. I found it to be a nicely-performed and produced piece. In fact, it turns out that our friend Zorch Boomhauer, one of Second Life’s premier singer/songwriters took the helm as producer and session player.

Traci Nubalo: Lexie, I really enjoyed the collection. Who are the backing musicians on it?

Lexie Luan: Well, I played two rhythm guitar tracks and sang lead and harmony vocals. Zorch produced the project and contributed another layer of guitars, and also played bass and drums.

TN: Excellent. Very nice work. I especially enjoyed the open and spacious feeling in the production. Everything sounds crystal clear.

Let’s listen to the first track “I Could Get Used To You”. What’s the origin of the song?

LL: When I wrote the song I was looking to describe the feelings of a new , fresh kind of love. It was like meeting someone I could really like; it's about the possibilities. I had written so many sad break up songs and I wanted to say something positive.

TN: Yes, I got that. But I can also sense a little conflict in it. You want this new relationship to move forward, but there’s something holding a part of you back. You sing “Still there‘s a part of me/I don‘t want anyone to see.”.

LL: And it’s not just me. I think that just about anyone can identify with it.

TN: Yes, of course. We've all been there.

LL: *laughing* Well, you don’t want to give away the whole store without using a safety net!

TNL: *laughing*

LL: I also like that the song has this James Bond feel to it. Sort of Lexie 007!

TN: Yes. Great observation now that you mention it. It really would make a great Bond theme.

Zorch also added a very tasty Spanish guitar-style lead guitar break.

LL: He had been playing with me for a while and he said that he heard it turning out like this all along.

TN: That’s classic Zorch, isn’t it?

LL: Yep! *laughter* Overall, I’m really happy about the way this track came out. It’s really honest.

The rest of the collection impressed me as being as good as the opener. Lexie’s voice throughout carries great emotional weight. She’s able to express herself in a number of significant ways via dynamic change, alternate voice inflection, and even a sexy little growl which she uses sparingly but to great effect.

Her guitar work is steady all the way through with rhythms that accurately support the story, and occasional little lead bits that add some sonic color.

A couple of the tracks, “Throwaway Girl” and the set-closing rocker “Warning Label” are already crowd favorites at Luan’s numerous SL club gigs. I’m certain that this collection will be eagerly gobbled up by her many fans inworld.

TN: Lexie, you have a very loyal audience here in SL. What would you like to say to them?

LL: They come to my shows because they identify with the music. That means they are paying attention and listening. And I thank each and every one of them for that.

They are the reason that I play here.

- by Traci Nubalo


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Lexie Luan aka (Lexie Smith,) a native Philadelphian, has been performing most of her life. Lexie studied music and theater in college, playing guitar and singing on weekends at college bars. Music she covered included: Bonnie Raitt; Linda Ronstadt. Loggins and Messina; Eagles; Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; and Heart. In the early 80's, Lexie worked in an acoustic duo; and later formed the classic and pop rock band, Camouflage. In the mid 80's, she created an original band known as Fifty/50. Philly was a hot spot for original talent during that time. Bands like the Hooters; Tommy Conwell and the Young Rumblers; Robert Hazzard & the Heroes; Bon Jovi; and Pretty Poisin, were all coming out of this fold. It was the well established carbaret circuit. Fifty/50 had the privilege to share the same stage with these artists.

With her contemporary folk, blues, and rock stylings, Lexie, one of The Originals, will entertain you with songs that demonstrate her guitar mastery, unique voice and songwriting skills.

Today, Lexie is working as a solo artist performing original music. Her  soulful style of singing lends her female energy to each song she sings. She will have you feeling her emotions right down to the core of your being. Lexie is empowering; bringing her straight from the heart originals to you, with a style that has been described as stunning and very much her own. Lexie is an experience not to be missed.