lexi street

lexi street

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Music that sounds like you'd find in a David Lynch or Terantino film. Brassy influences of Amy Winehouse (by brassy we mean trumpet). Sometimes compared to Aimee Mann. For the most part we can't find the appropriate comparison & will pay anyone 20 bucks to find one for us!


Debuting their second cd, Lexi Street's album, Champagne Promises is the tongue and cheek title for their long awaited second album. It was in 2002 they released the girl I used to be…. Since then, the band released a few singles which enjoyed a stay on satellite’s XM radio. Their second album release, Champagne Promises, makes good on their promise to deliver. It's moody and broody, with some playful attitude thrown in, while soaring songs like Murder and Summer leave fans wanting more. In 2003, Gary enjoyed a little fame and fortune with his co-written effort for a very famous Pop Princess. Several rumors have circulated as to how the band has spent the last several years. One theory is to have had the band riding the coattails of Gary’s musical windfall, spending such lackadaisical afternoons playing leisure sports such as croquet, and badminton. Spending late nights drinking champagne, telling young girls stories of fame and fortune with stars in their eyes. Purely conjecture of course. But the latest cd cover dons the band wearing Wilmbledon White sporting their mallets and raquets, hmmm....I'm not sure, but it makes me "wonder, where the summer has gone" - Summer: Champagne Promises



Written By: Lexi Street - Lyr

First time that I met you I guess I was just a little confused.
I put my heart inside your hands, it was like lighting a match to a fuse.
I’m in danger,
Gave my heart to this stranger,
And I didn’t know,
I didn’t know that love could be so cruel.

The first time that I met you I guess I just couldn’t refuse
See affairs of the heart can strain us,
But I had nothing to loose.
You left the flame lit,
You can’t contain it,
And it burns me so bad,
It burns so bad and you’re the fuel.

It’s like murder, it kills
It should be a crime
No wonder I feel, I feel like dying
They’ve got agents in the field
That sneak around and spy,
Conspire against love all the time
I was just a fool,
And you were unkind.

First they order the kill,
Then they harvest your heart out.
And then you try and back fill the space,
Until you’ve run out of places to go
And put all the faces, that fill in the hole.
It’s like murder you know….

I wish I never met you,
I wished I’d just let you pass by.
But love doesn’t reason or need one,
She’ll just make you cry.
Don’t you feel so frustrated,
You’re confused and now you’re jaded
Your attitude is rude, love’s overrated
Next they’ll kidnap you’re mind

It’s like murder, it kills
It should be a crime
The way you break my heart all the time.
I wonder if you feel sorry or surprised,
You have never had to see me cry,
It’s like murder, it kills,
But I’ll be just fine,
Only feel so bad, for so much time,
But you won’t see me,
No you won’t see me,
No you won’t see me, see me cry


Lexi Street:
Album: Champagne Promises - 2009
Single: The Room
Single: Summer 2005
Album: The Girl I used to be...2002

Set List

All original music from two albums - Additional Covers include - Blondie (Rapture, Heart of Glass) The Knack (Good Girls Don't) Bow Wow Wow (I want Candy) The Divinyls (I touch Myself) Cake (You're never there) Spoon (I summon You) No Doubt (I'm just a girl) The Church (Under the Milky Way)