Lex Land

Lex Land


"A fantastic mix of honey-sweet folk and dense, beat-driven folk-rock" - Womenfolk. Lex's music has graced the television airwaves on shows such as “Private Practice” and “Brothers and Sisters". In 2008 Land made notable appearances on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic and NBC's Carson Daly.


Much to the exasperation of the conversation’s counterpart, Lex Land’s initial gut-reaction first spoken response to any comment is, more often than not, “Pardon?” The cause of this is still undiagnosed: is it her selective, short attention-span (this seems to be the explanation preferred by family members and old friends); is it the partial “deafness” caused by the teenage years of punk rock shows, or trip-hop blaring through the subs of her best high-school friend’s Navigator, or the ringing in her ears from her macabre, solitary quiet; or perhaps is she dreaming, caught up in some wild fantasy from which she can never break free; or perhaps is she merely trying to remember the thing which she was about to say, but now, in the moment, it has slipped her mind?

Likewise, one wonders, without exception of herself, what precisely Land is pondering. On the 22-year-old’s debut album from Intelligent Noise Records, Orange Days on Lemon Street, she throws a myriad of genres at the wall and, oddly enough, a lot of them stick. The record is a collection of songs (“a fantastic mix of honey-sweet folk and dense, beat-driven folk-rock” {Womenfolk.net}) written by Land between the ages of 17 and 20, all the way up to the day before she and producer, Shannon Edgar, went into the studio to cut the record in early 2007. In the week following its 2008 release, Orange Days could be found topping the iTunes folk chart at number one. Within the span of only a few years, Lex went from floundering as an OC college drop-out to up-and-coming as a Los Angeles songstress.

She was born and raised around and about Orange County not all that long ago, and was dragged and pushed around most of Southern California until she was able to rest comfortably between Huntington Beach and Newport Coast, where she spent her teen years with other surfers, acoustic-pop guitar players, and preps. One hobby that could not be extinguished was her obsession with music. The desire to be the best pushed her toward studying voice seriously in her pre-adolescence, and she continued to do so (even if a bit half-heartedly) through those painful high school years before it became her emphasis at university. The latter stint was not long.

Lex’s feverous songwriting eventually took first place in her ambitions, and presided over singing Faure’s art songs or ever playing Bizet’s “Carmen.” In October of her third and final semester as a voice student at Chapman University, in Orange, CA, her true musical aspirations started to become reality. Within a year’s time, only a few months after leaving her apartment on Lemon Street, her debut record was finished.

Since then she’s been keeping busy. After a trip to Austin for a few performances at the venerable South by Southwest music festival, Lex was invited to play live for KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic. The recording of which, Lex Land: Live from KCRW, was released as an iTunes exclusive recently, and can be found on the Indie Spotlight: Singer-Songwriter section. Lex also recently made her National Television debut performing “Could’ve Had Me” on Carson Daly.

Orange Days was selected “Best of 2008” Albums in the iTunes Singer-Songwriter category, and also topped the year end lists of various music blogs including “Womenfolk”. Lex’s music has been gracing the television airwaves as well. A few of these highlights include prominent placements of Orange Days’ “As Much As You Lead,” on television shows such as “Private Practice,” Brothers and Sisters”, and “One Tree Hill”.

Though in her songs Land’s voice is often crying for regret, or forgiveness, or absolution, when she is singing, one can say, it begs no pardon.


Lex Land - Orange Days On Lemon Street
Lex Land - Live From KCRW

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Set is 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 1 hour depending on the requirements. Occasional cover thrown in.