Lex Leosis

Lex Leosis

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I am energetic, crowd captivating artist who caters my performance based on the size and location of the festival. I have a large following of teenagers in the United States who are looking for the chance to see myself (as a Canadian artist) perform in Texas. If chosen, I will be sure to satisfy the crowd and the hosts. Thank you for your time.


Alexandria Leosis, better known as Lex Leosis, is a
Greek Canadian rapper and spoken word artist
who uses her versatile background to create tracks
laced with metaphors and clever wordplay.
Inspired by her little brother to enjoy every minute
of life, Lex avoids rapping about her experiences
with ghettos, gang violence, guns and drugs to
focus on creating music that speaks for those
without a voice.

Lex started writing poetry with an unrelenting flow
at age 16. A year later she was encouraged her to
put her words to a beat and began creating tracks
inspired by the flow and wordplay of a group called
Tribe Called Quest. Lex has developed her own
writing style creating tacks that combine
one-liners from her collection of notebooks.
When everyone is sleeping she finds private spaces
like closets or roof tops where her lyrics come to
Lex plans to keep Hip Hop in her life forever and
continue rocking the stage with her most
important accessories: Nikes, short shorts, a
Hip Hop tee and her trusty backback which has
been by her side through years of performing.
She hopes to change people’s lives through
spoken word while pursuing a career helping