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"Lexy Dives into Canadian Music Scene"

Just like anyone else her age, Lexy Schiess has school every morning and enjoys hanging out with friends. This 14-year-old sounds like the typical teenager, although what sets her apart from everyone else is her passion for music and her blossoming career in the industry.

Lexy recently launched her new CD, Today Is The Day, in Canada with Universal Music Canada. The CD was produced by a slew of award-winning producers, including Chris Rojas (Pink, Jessica Simpson), Mark Berry (Duran Duran, David Bowie),,and Steve Thomas and Drew Lane, who produced the music for High School Musical. Her new album has garnered rave reviews.

Lexy was in Toronto earlier this month to celebrate and promote the launch of her new album. We discussed her new album and how her life experiences have helped shape her career.

H: Which artists have influenced your music?
L: Definitely Christina Aguilera. I really look up to her. I really love John Mayer and Norah Jones. On a rainy day, you can pop in Norah Jones. She's a really great musician.

H: When did you realize you wanted to sing?
L: I have sung all my life. I was a child, but I started off with modelling and acting, and then I moved onto talents like singing. It was something I always wanted to do.

H: When did you start vocal training?
L: I started training for classic opera as a child when I was nine years old. Then I got into training for country music, and then I just went into pop.

H: Which producer was the most fun to work with?
L: Besides my agent David, I would have to say Drew Lane. He was just an awesome person. He was so outgoing and full of energy, and a great person to be around.

H: What are your thoughts on releasing your CD solely in Canada, seeing as you are from North Carolina?
L: I am just fine with that. I love Canada; it's a very pretty place. My management team is up here.

H: How were you involved in the production of your CD?
L: I spoke with all the songwriters about the music. Unfortunately, I did not get to write any of my own music on the album, but I got to listen to and pick out all of my songs.

H: How has your perception of the music industry changed now that you have gone through the whole process of recording the CD, working with the producers, and finally releasing it?
L: I've always loved the industry. I've always loved the idea of travelling and seeing new things, and doing what I do best.

H: A lot of musicians are ‘pre-packaged’ by their record labels. What happened in your case?
L: The album and the image, it is all me. It's nobody else. I have influences to everything I do, but I wouldn't want to be anyone else other than Lexy. I spoke with all the songwriters about the music.

H: Does your music career interfere with your school work?
L: Well I'm actually home-schooled, and I am usually out travelling a lot. Sometimes I have to catch up a lot, so it's a really busy day. [Getting used to it] takes a lot of practicing.

H: What do you think of people downloading music off of programs like Limewire and Kazaa, both as a young person and as a musician?
L: I would love people to download my music, but legally of course. I work hard, and other musicians work hard. It's their job, and it's almost like cheating them out. It's kind of hard to stop [the illegal downloaders] nowadays.

- One80 Youth Entertainment Newspaper, Toronto

"15-year-old pop singer"

Her name is Lexy and she is a 15-year-old pop singer living in Charlotte. Her debut album, Today Is The Day, was released in February in Canada. Musically comparable to other pop marvels such as Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Kelly Clarkson, Lexy is determined to sing her way to the top of the charts.

Lexy began modeling and acting when she was 7 years old. When she was 9, she was classically trained in opera. Courses led her on a journey through a variety of musical soundscapes -- from opera to country to pop. "Pop is what I really wanted to do. So, I asked my parents, 'Hey can I start doing pop?'"

Lexy likes a variety of music. Her favorite artists are John Mayer and Norah Jones, but her main influence is Christina Aguilera. "I think she has an amazing voice and I just love how she puts her heart and soul into all of her music."

Often on the go with interviews, photo shoots and touring, Lexy is a busy girl. On March 17, she performed at Concord Mills mall.

How does Lexy describe her own music? "Youthful pop that is really fun, upbeat music. It typically has an age range of about 7 years old to around 17 years old."

When she isn't singing, Lexy enjoys dancing, shopping and hanging out with her friends. Since she is home-schooled, she does not get to see her friends as often or participate in typical high school drama. But, she admits that there are perks to her home-schooling. "I have so much more time to focus on my career." - Creative Loafing - Anita overcash

"Lexy - Another Pop Singer?"

A new pop singer has emerged, although she is a tad younger than Lindsay or Hilary. Lexy Schiess is 14 years old and has already worked with various music producers and agents (some of which have worked Jessica Simpson and The Backstreet Boys), but will this translate into success?

We will find out next month, When Lexy releases her album in Canada under the Warner Music label. Her CD is not being released in the US as of yet, which begs the question, ‘Does no one want to release her CD?’. Apparently not; A “bidding war” had erupted in the US, where her record label deal is yet to be determined.

- Daily Buzzer



Tuesday night in Toronto Canada, PR-pasha ( We call him powerhouse in NY )DAVID SALIDOR hosted a press and radio reception for 14-year old LEXY, who's debut CD TODAY IS THE DAY, was officially released. The dinner was held at the famed CN Tower in Canada; the world's tallest freestanding structure at 147 stories high (construction began in 1973 and finished in 1976). Attending the event was producer MARK S. BERRY, who has worked with the likes of DAVID BOWIE and DURAN DURAN, BRIAN LAROCHE, from Lexy's label ATTACK RECORDS, and representatives from the Universal/DEP team who distribute the label in Canada. Also present were writers from Canada's top 'teen' magazines, FAZE and VERVE. Salidor will do a similar event in NY in the next month to commemorate the CD's release here. Said Lexy, "My CD is the result of a lot of hard work from some really talented people ... it's very much a dream come true. This event, at a very historic spot in Toronto is very special. I'm looking forward to NY." - Times Square Gossip


Pop Album "Today Is The Day" distributed by Universal Music. Released in February 2007, in Toronto, Canada at age 14.




For as long as she can remember, Lexy has worked hard at being the best that she can be. Whether its being a good student or becoming a well rounded performer, she constantly challenges herself to go the extra mile as proven in her early success. Her classical music training as a child of not even 10 years old, as well as acting and dance gives her work more emotional content than one would expect from a young artist of her age.

Lexy's recording career development started at the tender age of 10. Her natural talents and professional discipline have gained the attention of nationally acclaimed songwriters and producers who recognized Lexy's talents, leading to the development of her first Pop album, released February 2007, in Toronto, Canada at age 14. She launched the debut album "Today Is The Day", where her CD is distributed by Universal Music.

Lexy's CD was produced by award winning producers: Chris Rojas of NY, NY - Pink- Jessica Simpson- Teddy Geiger / Mark Berry of Toronto, Canada, who’s credits include David Bowie, Duran Duran and others such as Steven Thomas and Andrew Lane of Nashville ,TN, the latter contributed music to "High School Musical ". Between her tender age of 11 to 13 Lexy recorded a variety of demo songs with famed producer Michael Wagener of Nashville, TN who recorded for greats like Ozzy Osborne, Queen, Janet Jackson and Metallica. Lexy's insatiable drive to become a recognized entertainer includes her dedication also in dance and acting, offering a package of proven achievements to any demanding producer.

"My life is pretty crazy right now, earlier in my career development, I never thought that so many people and so much work would be involved in becoming a recording artist", states Lexy. Then again, perhaps the depth and maturity is inevitable from someone who has been honing her skills since the tender age of five.

Born in Charlotte North Carolina, Lexy proclaims she grew up with a variety of musical tastes. "When I was younger my mom listened to pop music, while my brother listened to rock and rap. My dad enjoyed jazz, so I received a mixture of musical influences around the house" says Lexy.
I like to believe that my Swiss grandparents contributed to my passion for music, my grandma was the lead soprano voice for many years in her church and grandpa played the slide trombone in a brass band for 5 Decades.

As Lexy continues her education, she balances performances in local and regional events. Admittedly, the past several years have been spent polishing her talents as a singer, actor and dancer but her first and foremost love though, is singing and performing live. "I love the energy of an audience".