Her songs are modern-indie-rock, funked-up groovy blues-jam with the occasional adult-contemporary love song. A lot of her writing comes from a 60’s social-political justice theme with a retro-70’s hard-rock feel. 4th CD marks 10 yrs in the biz - 900 shows, 150 cities, 2 countries, 1/4 million mls


LezleeAnne Rios is a sensual, beautiful Transsexual with a powerful voice to match her passionate stage presence and those long gorgeous legs that straddle 2 countries: U.S. and Canada. She plays acoustic lead-guitar like Johnny Winter and Eric Clapton getting hit by lightning. Her songs are on one hand straight-up modern-indie-rock, on the other funked-up groovy blues-jam with the occasional adult-contemporary love song. A lot of her writing comes from a social-political justice theme of the 60’s with a retro-70’s hard-rock feel like Grand Funk and the Guess Who, yet modernized in the vein of Tragically Hip, Ben Harper, Bruce Cockburn, Nickelback and Shinedown. This 4th CD marks 10 years in the biz, which includes 900 shows, 150 cities, a quarter million miles.
There have been gender-bending musicians who wore makeup and heels; there have been revolutionaries who had the guts to talk about social problems; there are a few acoustic lead-guitar players; there’ve been artists who defied all the conventions of their day. But, there has never been a hot, sexy, pretty, leggy, acoustic-guitar shredding, high-heel & miniskirt wearing, love-to-change-the-world Rock-Starlet like LezleeAnne!
To learn more about LezleeAnne’s story, go to the Bio section of her website. “www.lezleeanne.com/bio.php”


Les Rios 6 song CD (1999)
Les Rios "Man of Action" (2001) 13 song CD, all original.
Les Rios "Live 03"(2004) 13 songs: 1/2 covers with a 15min. CBC Radio interview.
LezleeAnne."Queen of the World" (2008) 11 Originals/ 1 cover.
Have appeared on regional live TV (news shows-CTV-Halifax, NS; CBS Bangor, ME) 10 times over the years; Numerous public radio interviews in US & Canada; palyed in sept.09 on KPFT Houston TX(QueerMusicHeritage.com); Fri 10/16/09 a freind heard my CBC radio interview being replayed on WBUR/PRI Boston.

Set List

Gig history has mostly been in clubs that want cover-bands & we've sold ourself as that. BUT, always played minimum of 50% originals and the crowd loved it so we got away with it. Sets are always long, usually 2-1.5 hour sets with 1/2 hr break; typically club asks us to play past last call...aprox 35 songs/night. Mix of covers ranges from classic rock (Stones, Bad Co. Grand Funk, Clapton, Who, ZZ-Top) top 40 rock(AudioSlave, Tragically Hip, Matchbox 20, Dave Metthews, Santanna), the odd old & new country song(Waylon & Willie to Travis & Tobey) and lots of Dead & Skynrd, some Bill Withers & Dobey Grey. We prefer covers that crowd knows but other bands dont typically play, ie: Whats your Name, Workin for the MCA versus Freebird & Sweet Home Alabama(Which we can play, jes dont wanna) or Can't Ya hear me Knockin & Shattered versus Honkey Tonk Women.