New high energy rock band evoking influences from U2 to 3rd Eye Blind with infectious hooks and big guitars. Loosh has been compared to everyone from The Clash and the Police to Foo Fighters, the bands favorite being a cross between Talking Heads and Guns and Roses.


I grew up on the North Shore of Massachusetts playing in the post punk scene in Boston. Dropped out of the scene for a couple years to get away from the backstage lifestyle and returned wiser and better for it. We are story tellers and pull in audiences with a very intimate and soul baring show.


Quiet Simple Things

Written By: David Nason

A steele screan door
A brook in the back yard
Old black phone in the basement
Where we talked for hours

What young poets wrote
We thought we were brilliant
You on your tip toes
The things I didn't know

The quiet simple things
That mean so much to me
Now that it's over

It's what I remember


Got LFE? 8/2004 EP / Demo. In preproduction for full lenght album due in the fall.
Quiet Simple Things EP 10/05

Set List

Loosh wrote almost 40 songs for the new records and regularly plays between 12 and 16 for shows including reverent and irreverent covers of bands including Brittany Spears, the Killers, Elvis Costello, The Police, Prince, INSYNC etc.
Good Man
Something Wrong
In You
Pepper Spray
Quiet Simple Things
I Can't Tell
In Between
You Remind Me
Every Part
And so it goes
Just Want to Matter
Wild At Heart
You Fell in Love
I'm Already Here
More Than a Man
Do You Need Me
Since You Went
Better Than Nothing
Right Where You Are
Purple Rain
Pump it Up
Mr Brightside
High and Dry
So Lonely etc.