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LFNT is Ran Nir and an ensemble of musicians he gathered along the way,

LFNT is an Indie Rock band based in Berlin,


 LFNT (Also - Elephant) is an Indie Rock band formed & lead by Musician & Producer Ran Nir and it is also an advice hidden in an


Live Free Not Troubled.

Born in Jerusalem, Ran Nir, is a singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist & producer.

Before starting LFNT, Ran was a founding member & the bass player for Asaf Avidan & The Mojos.

After more than five years of tremendous success, with hundreds of performances on big stages around the world,

three best selling albums (In Europe & Israel) & a #1hit in 12 countries (“Reckoning Song” \ “One-Day” Remix by Wankelmut)

the Mojos decided to stop its activities and Ran went on his independent way.

In 2012 Ran formed LFNT with an ensemble of musicians he gathered along the way and released the band first album

Tales Of a Drunken Man .

The album got many good reviews in Israel and was considered one of the best rock albums to be released in Israel that year.

The LFNT sound is a mixture of Rock&Roll History.

One can hear Rock&Roll move through the years in every song, from 30s blues to 70s groove , 90s grunge and modern day sound.

While LFNT's music is Influenced by a verity of artists,

Ran's Lyrics are Influenced by artist such as Bob Dylan, John Lennon & Beck describing Struggles of Love & Life.

LFNT's Live set is a truly great live performance, with edgy guitars and Keyboard sound, pumping bass & drums and melodic &

versatile vocals by Ran & the band members.

The band finished working on their 2nd album Time To Bleed

 recorded in Israel & Germany by Ran Nir & Fabien Leseure (Sound engineer of “The Brian Johnstown Massacre”) mixed by

Johannes Saal at Funkhaus Berlin & Mastered by Brian Lucey (Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, Beck and more...)

The album was released in Israel on May 2015 and will be released later in Europe.


LFNT - Tales Of A Drunken Man (LP) - 2012
LFNT - Time To Bleed (LP) - TBA.