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Gospel Artists with secular edge. A new voice of todays hip hop generation.


My Life Til Now

LG was born April 25, 1986 in a lower class neighborhood in West End Atlanta. When Gerald was three years old his father left and they all moved in with his grandmother in Adamsville Atlanta. His father told his mother that she was nothing and that Gerald would grow up to be nothing (He did not find out until later on in life). At the age of six, he got his first keyboard that he would play with all the time, beating on it, creating a cacophony of sounds. A couple of years later, his mother got on her feet and she bought a house in Ben Hill Atlanta. They stayed there until her company downsized and they moved back in with his grandmother. While in school, Gerald would get in trouble and fights all too often. Some of his friends even told him that he was going to be a boxer when he grew up. School is where he gained knowledge of his ability to lead and perform. Through school projects he developed the confidence to perform art in front of his classmates; often times resulting in accolade from his peers as well as faculty. By the time he got to high school, Gerald and his family all moved into one house in College Park; including two uncles, a cousin, himself, his sister, mother and grandmother. This is when he became aware of the statement from his father made about him and his mother. Ever since then, it has not been hard for Gerald to find motivation to succeed in whatever he does. He instantly became a businessman; selling anything from candy, clothes, to throwing events and eventually selling his very own music albums. Selling his own album was his favorite way to make money simply because it was something he created. By college, he had established his confidence in his music career and continued to perform, advertise, and sell his own albums while in school. He currently attends Tuskegee University majoring in electrical engineering. Still today, Gerald is pioneering music with the intent to make a change in his life, as well as others. To be continued.....


Shakem Off

Written By: LG

Hook: 4x
If they hatin on a playa, what we do? [shakem off]
It they mad at a playa, what we do? [brushem off]

verse 1: LG
Now tell my why you mad, I thought you would be glad,
To see a young playa, making doe, stacking cash,
Money out the ass, atleast thats how it looks,
Coming up in the game, 8 years what it took,
So now Im gone shine, its time to get mine,
The big pay back, keep the haters in a line,
Aint nuthin change, folk I been used to it,
Crabs gone hate cuz Im happy doing good,
Str8 up out the hood, then I went to school,
Got my mind right, dont try to play me like ya fool,
Partner got the tool, I toldem he dont need it,
Cuz everythang cool, you dont want it to get heated,
I aint MJ, but ya loathers best to beat it,
Ima chill type of guy, please dont give me reason,
Do ya thang, cuz 4sho, Im doing me,
All playas throw ya hands up, and rap wit me.

hook: 4x

bridge: 4x
Aint nuthin to it [shakem off]
Now what we do [shakem off]

verse 2: LG
All my southside playas throw'em up,
All my westside playas throwem up,
All my eastside folk throwm up,
All my playas throw ya throw ya deuces up,
Playaplaya wat it do, I done found my swag,
Now Im moving up, and the crabs getting mad,
shawty WHy you hating, folk you really acting foolish,
They said I couldnt do it, now folk watch me do it,
Yea Im feeling good, no worries in mind,
These haters in my rearview, I keep them folk behind,
It dont matter, what u thank about me, WHY?
Cuz shawty only GOD can judge me. Ahhh!!!

hook: 4x

bridge: 4x

hook: 4x

[talking til fade]

Take U Out feat Darian

Written By: LG

Hook: 2x
Baby girl I just wanna take you out,
Or we can chill and relax up in the house,
Its whatever I just wanna be wit u,
It dont matter what we do, I gotta crush on you.

Verse 1: LG
Im a real type of guy, so you know Im on my hustle,
But you my break from the struggle and the trouble,
When nothin even matters we just living for the Lord,
You #1 on my list, keep it real and never bored,
Shore to shore, I wanna my share my world wit u,
And thats a fact, baby you know that this the truth,
See I, been thinking bout u, in a special way,
So I call you up, just to see bout your day,
And you dont trip, cuz you understand my silly,
I dont ask if you wit me, I dont ask if you feel me,
Cuz I already know, You a down as chick,
And I aint mad atcha, You can be queen of all this,
Im not quick to get a crush and open up,
So see this as a sign that you special in my book,
Im thinking about us, here now, and the future,
I see smiles, laughs and good times, in the future.

Hook: 2x

Verse 2: LG
You got that pretty brown skin, girl Im loving that,
Pretty eyes, pretty mind, wont you bring it back,
See its something different bout you, can you tell you got me goin crazy,
I wanna make you my my my baby,
See our first date was different, we went to the car wash and we was havin fun,
What kind of thing is that? what kind of fling is that?
What kind of guy would give up something like that,
See I aint foolish, but if you want we can do this,
If you want it today, give it to daddy,
We can ride thru the city in a caddy,
Or the vic, dreaming of living lavish,
I only want that down as chick,
Ill stay by myself, stay away from gold dig-
So many times I was the outside man,
But now u got me thinking bout being the inside manm

hook: 2x

R U Down

Written By: LG

hook: 4x
It feels like heaven when you rolling with me,
I want you, by my side, girl tell me are R U Down to ride?

verse 1: LG
It started off first, I was looking at your beauty,
I wont lie, I wanted to see u in a jacuzzi,
But now I got know you, a little better,
And now I want you by my side, Ill do u better,
I like this feeling when you come around,
Its like, eveything just drop, all haters hit the ground,
Nothing even matters no mo,
its just us, gainst the world, tryna make heaven our home,
And we, stay forever, laughin and kickin it,
Dont you, feel like heaven, whenever we kickin it,
Is it me, or do you feel the same way too,
Baby I want you, but I want you to want me too,
Im keeping it real witcha, baby dont u digg that,
U livin right, for the Lord, wont let'em hit that,
Been so long since you heard it like this,
It been so long since you got it like this.

hook: 4x

verse 2: LG
I want you, the right way,
But I want you to want me too,
We can ride together, up to the sky together,
Dear Lord, if she the one tie us a ribbon forever,
All the gulz in my past taught me a lot of things,
Now I know what a good gul really is,
Thats why I want you by side, are you down to ride,
See Ima real man, forget about these other guys,
Ill treat u better, would you like to be a queen,
Treatya like royalty cuz baby Ima king,
I like to laugh, and you understand my silly side,
You satisfied, wit just drink, burger, and some fries,
Not cuz you low class, but cuz you down to earth,
Down to earth, you define a woman worth,
I dont open up like this just to anybody,
See I want your body, right here next to my body.

hook: 4x


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