Psychedelic ambient rock from Tijuana, Mexico. Equal parts Pink Floyd and Radiohead as well as other experimental groups from the 60s onward. Some instrumental songs and some w/vocals (English and Spanish). There's a sense of respect for the past but an openness to the future.


Formed in 2003 in Tijuana, Mexico, Lhabia has steadily built up a following in the border area of Tijuana/San Diego and are starting to book shows in L.A., Phoenix, and El Paso area as well as deeper parts of Mexico. Consisting of two guitars, bass, drums, keys, and female vocals (on half of the tunes), the band's sound is a unique blend of ambient psychedelic rock (think early Pink Floyd), introspective pop (The Cure) and driving melodic songs (Radiohead). Their debut album, "Lhabia" is now available worldwide on Azra Records.


"Lhabia" (AZRA016) - full length album. Serviced to radio and online radio March 2008.

Set List

Mostly songs from the new album with a few newer tracks included - set varies. Length also varies depending on the venue - usually 45 to 60 minutes in length.