Left Hand Green

Left Hand Green


Each member of the band comes from a completely different musical background, yet the styles converge in an interesting way that appeals to a wider cross-section of club-goers than your average rock band.


Left Hand Green is all about one thing – the music.

Though they lean heavily towards the rock end of the spectrum, a diverse soundscape is attained through the blending of many styles—from etherial pop to blues thicker than a melted crayon, from house to punk shinier than a new spike, from metal to TV theme music thicker than nostalgia. They've been compared to what would happen if the Allman Brothers were to hang out with the White Stripes.

The result is a surprisingly effervescent, head boppable, rock on, fist up, kick-ass new blend of fresh music.


Daily Paper

Written By: John D. Fauller

I can read my mind like it was the daily paper
If I was blind, and I only had yesterdays opinions
People come and leave like seasons
When their seasons return to hiding
And I'm reading the headlines thinking goddamn I've something to say about what they're deciding

And when I dream I'm dreamin' I'm dreamin' the same old things that I've always dreamed
And when I see I see I'm seein' the same old shit that I've always seen
If you're leeching my freedom, don't promise to keep me free


Written By: Brad Nichols

Way to go, what time to spend
Allow my thoughts to start a trend
Pushing forward to do what's right
the man tried to stop me without a fight
Now I'm here to begin the show
My mind's stuck in a clouded hole
The truth rings through my mind
Keep going, you're not far behind

I'm not like you and I don't want to be
I got my own mind of ability
To see the future is to trust yourself
I'll make it without your help

The walls are crashing down on me
I can't tell what's reality
I'll push it until I'm pushed
Distorted order of who's first
The time's come let's dominate
No time to waste, don't be late
I'm trying to live the life
With or without the hype

I'm not like you and I don't want to be
I got my own mind of ability
To see the future is to trust yourself
I'll make it without your help

Don't do that boy it's too much
I say do that boy, it's not enough
Take it in, swallow it
Now all that fun begins
Take it out—you pushed your luck
I feel like your a wasted punk
I lost the feeling, all again
Now it's time to pretend
The preservation of my time
Is to push it past that big old line
push it past that one more time
said push it past that big old line
I can see all over again
It's a rebirth!
Of the end
The legend falls, a man is dead
I got one more chance my friend


Demo - 2005

Set List

Example Set List:

• Pushed (3:20)
• Pole Position (3:10)
• Hank and Lizzy (4:40)
• In Return (4:45)
• Orville Loves Slayer (5:40)
• Something Else (5:50)
• Daily Paper (4:50)
• Flytrap (4:10)
• History (3:00)
• Subway (3:40)
• Avenues (4:05)
• Dufresne (4:25)
• Counting Flies (4:15)
• Run Faster (3:10)

We also mix obscure but recognizable covers in every few songs.