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Positive music that will change hearts and minds around the world. Looking at the political, social, and spiritual state of the world through the eyes of LHJ.


My real name is Leonard Haggins Jr. but my performin name is LHJ. I was born and raised in Oklahoma City, OK. I started rapping in 1997 after the trial and funeral of my uncle Richard who was murdered. It bothered me so much that I started to write songs about how I felt about the whole situation.

From there I kept writing about things that I've seen, heard, and felt. The songs are about my life experiences and those of people I know. LHJ is about music with meaning, not about the materialistic things that alot artist focus on and just keep repeating in their songs. I hope my music actually has an impact on people's lives in a positive way.

If I can help one person be incouraged and to influence a positive change in their life then I have accomplished one of my goals.


Vision of a Young Man

Written By: Leonard Haggins Jr

Title: Vision of a Young Man

Verse 1:

I have a vision, I guess you can call it a preminission
about this world facing the consequences to their decisions.

That they've been making and the risk they've been taking,
instead of living in peace we're living in hate like beast.

When will it cease, people don't speak up for what is right
I can no longer keep my peace it seems like.

Sins of the world there getting stronger,
We can no longer
turn our heads and let things slide by,
I'm sick of hearing gun shots when these cars drive by.

Someone please tell me why
do these countries spy
on each other but face to face
we call each other brother,
here's another.

Tell me why?,
we make our love ones bleed
our families they are no longer strong,
mother against father, tell me how do we expect to live long.

People fussing over things that won't last long
when judgement day comes son, it will all be gone.

But everyone is dreading on the millinieum
but I'm more worried about all the sin
that we let in our homes

When will we stop all of this evil to roam, little kids packing chrome
cause parents are lacking to put common sense in their domes.

Ain't it a shame don't you know money and fame
cain't claim you a spot in his heavenly home then who's to blame.

You can't see what I see
You can't see what I see
You can't see what I see
Vision of a Young Man, Man (Echo)

Repeat 2X

Verse 2:

Dear Lord this nation, is not ready for your revelation
the situation is reaching that critical mass
and I'm trying to reach them with this lyrical blast

but just like the past they don't learn
from their mistakes, there's now way I can keep them from meeting their fate
and this hate will be the end for them
but I pray constantly for the hearts of men

But tell me why
so many people are living blind
but they don't know what truth is, it's hard to find
But its time to free your mind

and step up to the plate
your life is on the line, please don't hesitate

to make a change about your decisions
or let your pride keep you from seeing the truth about the politicians

that are playing off the emotions of me and you
and I see, poor against rich, black against white
they like to blur the line between what's wrong and what's right.

You can't see what I see
You can't see what I see
You can't see what I see
Vision of a Young Man, Man (Echo)

Repeat 3X


Vision of a Young Man
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