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Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy | SELF

Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy | SELF
Band Folk Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



Neo-folk that creates a nostalgic link with early 20th century Europe.
Just what is neo-folk? The history books say it's an experimental cross between industrial and folk.
Lia Fail falls more on the folk side of that equation, but the modern themes presented with a nostalgic mood have a very contemporary, even cutting-edge feel.
The band references Dead Can Dance as an influence and the vocal styles certainly go that route.
The subject matter, however, is much more modern, taking a point of view rooted in the present while celebrating and mourning the past.
Leipzig is like a sketchbook of early 20th century Europe seen through early 21st century eyes. It's an introspective journey with a wistful bent and superb organic instrumentation.
Track one, "Leipzig" opens with a static, scratched record propaganda intro and moves into a crisp acoustic guitar riff and a combination of male vocals and female backup vocals that weave a nostalgic tribute to the namesake city.
"Lonely Anguish" comes in seamlessly from the previous track, the female vocals, flutes, and chimes painting a delightful portrait of bygone days.
"Restless Eyes" combines strumming guitar with slightly more forceful male vocals and has a riding song type of feel, while "In This Square" combines a chanting female voice with guitar, flute, bold female vocals, and the occasional electronic swell, adding a decidedly modern flair.
Leipzig is very well crafted, generating complex and sometimes contradictory emotions. It has a tendency to drone on, and the heavy nostalgia can become dreary, but for those who like real instrumentation, it is the perfect accompaniment to a rainy day in an older quarter of any city.
- Monday, June 08, 2009 By: Dillon Carlyon


LIA FAIL discography:

2001 – “Lia Fail” (demo - n. 4 tracks);
2003 – “Stop Crying” (single - n.1 track + n.2 live tracks);
2005 – “Lia Fail” (demo - n. 5 tracks + n.1 ghost track);
2007 – “Leipzig” (e.p. self prod. n.5 tracks + n.1 ghost track);
2009 – “Restless Eyes” (single - n.2 tracks);

LIA FAIL appears on Compilation:

“Decadence” (Coldfinger KFG005)
“Crawling Tunes” Vol.2 (Crawling Tunes Magazine CTMC002)
“Nicolaevka” (Palace of Worms P023W-2)
“Get the bomb of music” vol.9 (Synthetics Magazine 83/c2008)
"Lunar Sea" (Shinto Records 2009)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Between lost echoes of British-folk and some neo-classical flavours, LIA FAIL (Irish for Stone of Destiny) are already able - potentially, at least - to create their own unique style, on the inevitable path traced by Tony Wakeford, Sol Invictus or Dead Can Dance and even beyond this. ( It is said that the female voices should evoke the spirit of Dead Can Dance but I think they give the music a slight feeling of the 70's psych-folk, which is even better! (The Shadows Leipzig is very well crafted, generating complex and sometimes contradictory emotions. (Regen The mix between folk and new wave, the duets, the add of violin and a slightly pop touch make "Lepizig" not a simple neofolk stereotype, but a remarkable work, where the band's personal influences give vitality and interest. (