Liam Dullaghan

Liam Dullaghan


an amalgam of the joys of The Replacements, Teenage Fanclub, Pernice Brothers and Big Star. Think sweet Americana fused with power pop and you’re halfway there


A cross-pollination of singer songwriter archetypes, alt-country nuances with an 80s British indie-pop sensibility


The One That Got Away

Liam Dullaghan takes the traditonal singer songwriter mould and kicks it into touch in favour of a more kaleidoscopic approach. Unrequited love is still very much the dish of day, but here it is served with a side of power pop, a helping of dustbowl americana and a dash of radio static. Your waiter for this evening, the ghost of Henry Miller

Amid the buzzing mellotrons of the album's opener "Radio Verona" comes a warning for star crossed lovers ("hey Romeo, don't say i never told you so"). Lead single "I'm just fucked without you" kicks up a country-rock-dust-storm while "Choirs of Angels" is a shuffling whisper of a pop song about falling in love with a girl from Desborough". "Rotten Apples" and "Leaves On The Line" are the songs for wandering lost at night, lighting a cigarette & sighing, arguing with the ghost of a Jim Beam bottle

The sunny Melancholia that chrarecterd much of Dullaghan's best work with The Havenots remains intact but it is in this incarnation as a solo artist that he finally finds his voice. Painstakingly pieced together over three summers, and produced and performed entirley by Dullaghan and his cohort Lee Russell, Making History marks the arrival a major new talent

Speaking of the record Dullaghan says " I knew i didn't want to put another band together but also that i wanted to avoid falling into the trap of making a one dimensional one man and his guitar kind of record. I approached this album like it was the last one i'd ever make and threw everything i had at it. I wanted to make an album i could set alongside all the records i loved growing up - Elliot Smith's XO, Wilco's Summerteeth, The Replacements Let it be and if it took three years it took three years. I had this job working at a hospital while we were making the record and i really think that coloured my mood because it sort forces you to face your own mortality every day and think about what your doing with your life. Thats kind of where the title comes from. You're making your own history one day at a time. Also the records about a girl. She was the most beautiful girl i'd ever seen in real life. The one that got away"

"I watched the last train disapear, with fading hope and a rising fear" Making History

Already championed by BBC 6 Music's Tom Robinson and fellow Northampton resident Alan Moore 2012 should see Dullaghan's work find the audience it deserves. The cross-pollination of singer songwriter archetypes, alt-country nuances and a power-pop sensibility has yielded what could prove to be this year's understated, under-the-radar gems

Oct. 21 - Northampton - Labour Club w/ The Campbell Apartment and Katie Malco

Oct. 24 - Cambridge - The Portland Arms w/ The Campbell Apartment
Oct. 27 - London - Club Fandango @ The Bull & Gate w/ The Campbell Apartment, Codes and Chevin

Two of Liam's tracks 'Paradise Beach' & 'Leaves On The Line' have been chosen for the forthcoming E4 TV series 'Made In Chelsea'.



Making History (PIAS 14/11/11 2011)