Liam Rooney

Liam Rooney

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im a true lyricist that would rather sit down and write than anything else in the world. my very distinct voice keeps me from sounding like every other hip hop song. my rich word play and wit will leave you in awe.


Liam Rooney is a hip hop artist from central new jersey. Using his given name to market himself, Liam is working and becoming the next power house of hip hop. Although he draws influence from multiple genres Liam Rooney is a hip hop fanatic. gathering styles from Black Thought to Jay z , nas and lupe fiasco, Liam stays true to the art and delivers an on point flow and sharp lyrics. Tenth Street is the image, brand and movement behind Liam Rooney's music. Being in a group of friends that just started rapping for fun Liam soon started to bud into the best rapper in town. After doing a few shows here and there , Liam was offered a 14 month distribution deal with crispy records. "We are waiting" was Liam's first release into the digital market place availiable on itunes and Liam Rooney is different from the pack for the simple fact that he has raw talent. He has never tried to force hip hop to come to him but rather, he has been chasing it for a while. At only 16 years old Liam has surpassed the skill and drive of most up and comers in the industry. The main goal for his career is to influence generations to come. Liam Rooney and Tenth Street are working to become household names...


Depart From Surface
The Tenth Street Mixtape
Birth And Purpose
The Sample Plate

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