Liam Singer

Liam Singer


Combining elements of classical music and an intimate singer-songwriter aesthetic, Liam Singer creates moving compositions that live outside and between traditional genre boundaries.


Liam Singer is a multi-instrumentalist from Portland, Oregon, currently residing in San Francisco. The Empty Heart of the Chameleon is his debut solo album, on which he provides vocals, piano and Theremin. Liam recently completed a national tour with Portland band The Scientifics, featuring material from his new album, and is currently playing shows in and around the Bay Area in preparation for another nationwide tour.

The Empty Heart of the Chameleon, Singer's debut album, is evocative and subtle, interweaving influences of minimalism and classicism with a traditional songwriting ethic. Accessible, yet musically progressive, it weds virtuosity with intimacy and dramaticism with direct sincerity.

Influences include classical minimalism (Glass, Riley, and Reich, among others), Rachel's, Sufjan Stevens, Elliott Smith, Harold Budd, and Brian Eno.


"The Empty Heart of the Chameleon" - full-length CD - Tell-All Records

Vocal track "Father I See" and instrumental highlight "Asthma / Rivets in Water" have received airplay on many freeform college stations, from WFMU to KALX.