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Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal
Established on Jan, 2014
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“…as she delivers her impassioned performance. Crashing through any language barriers, there can be little that you would hear that stirs your emotions quite like this”
Mike Wilson (UK) -


“I´m not entirely sure of what saudade is, but I know it when I hear it and I hear a lot of it in Liana’s voice”
Jamie Renton (UK) - Songlines


“La voix de Liana, d’une couleur et d’une tessiture à vous procurer des frissons dégage encore une émotion palpable »
La Voix (Luxembourg) - La Voix


”Heavenly voice of Liana”
MazzMusikaS (Belgium) - MazzMusikaS


“Liana conquered my heart… A neat, light and very beautiful voice in some of the finest moments of fado”
Thomas Nydhal (Sweden) - Lira Musikmagasin


“Liana is an impressive and attractive singer”
Andrew Cronshaw (UK) - FRoots


"Embalo" (2014)
Author's Edition

1- Disse-te adeus e morri (Fado Jose Antonio)
2 Nem quero pensar
3 Altos Castelos
4 Embalo
5 Nao vou deixar
6 Meu Amigo esta Longe
7 Vil Palavra Amena (Fado Estela)
8 Fora de Horas
9 Castigo de Deus
10 Sonho Perdido
11 E inutil, Lisboa (Fado Pena)
12 Segredos
13 E Pecado

Faixa Extra:
Fado da Despedida (Lisboa foi meu fado)

"Diagonal" (2009)
Stockholm Lisboa Project
Nomis Music

  1. Rosa da Noite
  2. Apaga a Vela
  3. Martins Begravning
  4. Utlandspolska
  5. Corridinho do Ti Antonio
  6. Brollopsdag
  7. Tartlaten
  8. Yksi ruusu on kasvanut laaksossa (Grito)
  9. Saudade, vai-te embora
  10. Naverbiten (Corpo Aceso)
  11. Nyp
  12. Verlingeschottis
  13. Meu amor de Ontem
  14. Vem Kan Segla/Salgueirais do Mondego

    "Diagonal" Achievements:
    - German Shallplatten Kritic 2009
    - Songlines Nominee 2010
    - Womex Showcase 2010

"Sol" (2007)
Stockholm Lisboa Project
Nomis Music

  1. Sol de Janeiro / Ombyggnan
  2. Mentiras
  3. Polska efter Pl Karl / Grdespolska
  4. Naufragio
  5. Desgarrada / Toc Edits polska
  6. Nome de Rua
  7. Vindima
  8. Amelia
  9. Fado do Ribatejo / Hkpers vals
  10. Hortel Mourisca
  11. Rua do Capelo
  12. Vira dos Noivos
  13. Linda rosa
  14. Griffenfeldts schottis
  15. Kurvhurven
  16. Antonios vals

"" (2004)
Difference Music

      1. Tempo
      2. Patria
      3. Da Minha Torre
      4. Estrela Da Tarde
      5. Quand Les Filles Vont Au Bals
      6. Soneto
      7. Partindo-se
      8. Ternura
      9. Um so amor
      10. Noite De Saudade
Early Records on Tape

"Barco Negro" (1996) at the age of 16

"Entrei na vida a Cantar" (1994) at the age of 14


Amalia O musical de Filipe la Feria (2002)

Role: Amalia Rodrigues

Fado, Historia de um Povo (2011)

Role: Maria Severa / Herminia Silva / Samaritana



Liana is a Portuguese fado singer.
She started singing at the age of 9.

Performing at taverns, fado houses and stages of national theaters. She won 2 times the Grande Noite do Fado at Lisbon Coliseum, the most important fado national contest.

However chance and curiosity made her visit other worlds. She then, was the unforgettable Amalia in a play about the life of the Fado Diva Amalia Rodrigues, which turned out to be the most successful play ever in Portuguese history.

Later was the acclaimed soloist in a world music band - Stockholm Lisboa Project, with whom she won several international awards and excellent reviews in several European countries.

But Liana met and sang the traditional fado since childhood. And alongside her various musical paths, she always sung, respected and cherished the desire to one day return to the "roots".

This "Embalo" marks that return where Liana also uncovers herself as author and composer.

A genuine dedication to her old song, now matured, with the full colors of other countries, adult of age, of stories, of the world, embracing causes such as aging, animals and citizenship voice.

Carried by the melodies of the wonderful musicians Antonio Dias on the Portuguese guitar, Nelson Aleixo on the classic guitar and Francisco Gaspar on the bass, this is the return of Liana solo, after a path full of national and international successes.

Now showing the general public where Liana grew her roots, where she shows, unequivocally, how she loves, how she dreams. And makes us dream.

Band Members