Liana Harper

Liana Harper

 New York City, New York, USA

Soulful singer/songwriter with a positive message in her music. Songs and lyrics are a mix of legends Stevie Wonder and EW&F with a great balance of today's artistry like Alicia Keys and Jill Scott


Born and raised in New York City to musical parents, Liana started singing at age three. Using a chicken bone as a microphone, she would sing along to music legends Stevie Wonder, Patti LaBelle, Earth Wind & Fire and the late great Michael Jackson.

Tragedy struck Liana and her family at the tender age of six years old. Her mother, who suffered from Lupus, died suddenly. It was a tough lesson that was taught early: Life is too short to waste time.

Liana experienced her first time on stage shortly after her mother’s passing. Her grandmother enrolled her into a summer musical theater program where she learned vocal technique, acting and dancing while also working together with her fellow classmates to write the show as well. She attended the program for many summers.

Liana dreamed of being a Broadway star and she attended Talent Unlimited High School as a musical theater major. She later graduated from CUNY Baruch College as a music management major.

When asked who her favorite artists are, Liana lists many artists from different genres and generations such as, Jill Scott, Alicia Keys, Patti LaBelle, Earth, Wind & Fire, and so many more. Her most influential artist is Stevie Wonder. “He writes and sings from his heart and soul. He is truly spiritual and loving…his music has been the soundtrack to my life and countless others.”

Liana’s spirituality is a big influence on her music. It relays messages of hope, overcoming fear and self-doubt and realizing your power. Her purpose in this path as a singer/songwriter is to encourage and inspire others to recognize and fulfill their dreams.


Without You

Written By: Liana Harper

Verse 1
Mama I miss you so
More than you’ll ever know
How I long to touch you, feel you breathe you again
I’m still that little girl
That you left on that day
Aching hurting begging please take this bad dream away

But when I awoke and you were not there
Emotions so raw I could not share
Had to stay strong
Without you
Without you

Verse 2
Some birthdays to celebrate
Few Christmases to share
Grandma did her best to fill it
But the void was still there
I laughed and smiled anyway
Learned the right words to say
But when I’m alone the tears wash the walls away

I’m angry with you
Why did you not live?
At twenty eight you had so much to give
You left this baby girl
Without you
Without you


(Without you)
I learned from the beginning that life is not fair
(Without you)
You gotta use the cards you’re dealt with, cuz you never have the better hand
(Without you)
You gotta dream the impossible, then will yourself there
(Without you)
Love transcends all things and now I understand
I was never, no never….without you

Verse 3
I’m coming to terms with it
Though I am far from healed
‘Cuz you left me so abruptly
Anger’s all that I could feel
The choice you had to make
Was the journey you had to take
I suffered through pain
But the gifts I gained from you won’t go in vain

You gave me your smile
You gave me your eyes
To shine so bright through my cloudy skies

You gave me this voice so that I may sing
You gave me your heart joy to others I’ll bring

You gave me strength, the will to survive
You gave me hope when I didn’t want to be alive

(You loved me yes you loved me)
(You loved me yes you loved me)
(You loved me yes you loved me)

Mama I miss you so
More than you’ll ever know
In my heart is where I’ll keep you friend
Until we meet again

Right Now

Written By: Liana Harper

Everyday’s the same old routine
I’m getting restless more and more
I long for a life I’ve never seen
Places I’ve never been before

Well I can’t live my life this way
Who gives a damn what people say
Just Be, make my dreams reality
I need to be where I can spread my wings
And feel what true happiness brings
Just Be, make my dreams reality

(Right now)
I wanna live, I wanna give, no room for breathing
(Right now)
wanna be free I gotta be me who else can I be? No room for doubt
(Now right now)
or dishonesty
Repeat 2x

I feel the walls are closing in on me
Falling prey to suffocation
My soul is stirring
Trying to break free
From this desperate situation
Oh yeah
I want my world to have no boundaries
(no road blocks, glass ceilings)
I need to find, find some peace of mind
I need to know what life’s all about
Erase my fear, erase my doubt
Find reality


Aint no use breathin’
If I’m not gonna live
Aint no use reachin’
If I’m not gonna aim high
Aint no use dreamin’
If I’m not gonna strive
And if I’m not learnin’

Then what’s the point of being alive?

Hold On

Written By: Liana Harper

Hold on to love

Hold on to hope

When everything falls

And you can’t seem to cope

Hold on to strength

Your faith is the key

Opening the doors to your destiny


Don’t fall, keep your grip

Try not to slip any longer

Keep your eyes on the prize

You’ll realize it’s within reach

So many blessings overflow

If you would just hold on

That’s what the Light is teaching me

Everyday, everyday hold on

Everyday hold on, everyday hold on

Everyday hold on, everyday

Oooh I’m so tired

But I can’t let that hold me down

Dreams never expire
I’m hoping to inspire the lost

‘Cuz they can be found

The world is the past

The future is me

They’ve drawn the line

I’ve crossed it

And amazingly

My focus is clear

I’m ready to hear

My angels singing gloriously

My victory


(Everyday) There’s a sun in the sky so I gotta thank Him

I’m allowed one more breath so I gotta thank Him

Hold your head way up high

Dry those tears from your eyes

No more questioning why

Just give yourself a try


Everyday hold on…..

Keep it Movin'

Written By: Liana Harper, Rolando Irizzary

I know u think
Thank just cuz u got this drink
Imma be fine
U must be blind
I’m not the kinda girl that it only takes one line
And if ur sure that you only want more
I’m here to stay not to play so leave the games at the door
I’m tired of dudes makin’ moves
When they don’t know what to do
I hope ur willin’ cuz there’ll be no revealin’
Chillin’ like a villain ask me what I do

Keep it movin
Keep it movin
I aint a play thing
Just some number to etch on ur wall
Must be crazy
U don’t know me
I got not time for u at all

To all the ladies
Goin after guys cuz they got that money
But in return there’s so much more that ur givin’ up honey
Shoppin sprees, fancy cars and diamond rings
Can’t replace, won’t replace
Ur self worth and dignity
Aren’t u tired of emptiness
Always settling for less
Under his thumb u know it actin’ all dumb
Don’t be a bum stop pickin’ up his crumbs

Keep it movin
Keep it movin
I aint a play thing
Just some number to etch on ur wall
Must be crazy
U don’t know me
I got not time for u at all

(Oh oh)
I rep for those who know it ain’t about a show
(oh oh)
Just come correct ‘cuz its just comes down to respect
(oh oh)
Lookin’ for someone on my level eye to eye
(Oh, oh)
So golddiggers, gangstas, pimps
Need not apply

(Golden child rhymes)

Keep it movin
Keep it movin
I aint a play thing
Just some number to etch on ur wall
Must be crazy
U don’t know me
I got not time for u at all


My Journey Vol. I (EP released 11/18/10)
Right Now (streaming on Jango & Women of Substance Radio)
Hold On (streaming on Women of Substance Radio)

Set List

Do I Do
Right Now
Keep It Movin'
Without You
Hold On
I'm Done