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Lia Scallon

Cairns, Queensland, Australia | Established. Jan 01, 2002 | INDIE

Cairns, Queensland, Australia | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2002
Solo Alternative New Age




"'Song of Love for the Animals'"

"A powerful hymn of love - a haunting song of the ages - to all God’s creatures. Enjoy its healing energy with your beloved animal friends."
- Nova Magazine

"Song of love for The Animals"

"Lia's gloriously soothing vocals weave a wondrous magic, that enables both people and animals to reach a state of wholeness, harmony and peace. This CD is an essential gift to the planet right now - a must for animal guardians as well as their animal companions".
- Billie Dean - Author 'Secret Animal Business'

"‘The First Little Angels on Earth’"

“Lia’s finest work to date. Simply as a piece of music, ‘Lullaby of Love’ is utterly superb – a truly 'Classical' piece, that deserves to be 'discovered'. What I find unique is the mystical context. There is an extraordinary sense of egolessness, where Lia has dissolved and the voice of the Goddess herself speaks to me from within my own heart”.
- Graham Major – Fish Records


‘Lia's stunning voice is imbued by her obvious spirituality. This music uplifts and thrills me.
This is fast becoming one of my favourite CDs.’
- Living Now Magazine

"'Song Of The Earth'"

“This CD presents a hauntingly beautiful series of chants and singing performed by Lia Scallon. Listening to this CD brings about a great feeling of peace. Just sitting surrounded by Lia’s beautiful voice can help one to become more centred and serene”.
- Living Wisdom Magazine

"Breath Of Life"

“There is a mood of dignity, majesty and awe evoked by this music. Lia’s singing has been described as the voice of the Eternal Mother - gentle and caressing, nurturing and protective. Her music is unique and this latest release is possibly the most profound of her recordings”.
- Susan Maxwell-Stewart - Nova Magazine

"Diamond Light Meditation for Women"

"There is magic in Lia’s voice that transcends the barriers of time and culture. Allow the transformative qualities of the sounds to soothe all layers of your psyche, body, mind and soul.... a profoundly powerful tool for deep healing" - Jennifer Jayanthi John - Conscious Living Magazine

"'Diamond Light Meditation for Men'"

This is no ordinary relaxation CD – it is a powerful series of songs and words channelled from Sirius, which will soothe and comfort your mind and your body.... a blissful experience.
- Terry Stephens – Deputy editor, Living Now Magazine


* Song of the Sidhe

*The Luminous Pearl

* Crystal Keys

* Sounds of Sirius (Compilation)

* Song of the Earth 

* Starsong 

* Diamond Light Meditation for Women

* Diamond Light Meditation for Men 

* Breath of Life 

* The First Little Angels on Earth 

* Song of Love for the Animals



When Irish-born, award-winning composer, singer and producer Lia Scallon, graduated from Trinity College Dublin, she became a professional actress, sharing stage and screen with actors such as Liam Neeson, Glenn Close, Cate Blanchett, and Frances Mc Dormand. In 2002, having discovered new creative expression through her music, Lia released the first of her eleven Sounds of Sirius albums. These exquisite, Light-coded melodies and accompanying ‘Language of Light’ are intentionally created to transport the listener to a place of profound inner peace and calm, where they can connect with their own innate wisdom. It is within this space that healing and renewal of self can occur.

Many people say that Lia’s music reaches deep into their soul, triggering remembrance of their life’s purpose. The transformative power of these sacred songs belongs to the realm of Spirit. Inspirational and cathartic, transformational yet soothing to the spirit, Lia’s music defies easy definition, for it is the heart and the soul of the listener that responds to these compositons, not the mind. It could be said that Lia’s music is calling you ‘home’.

“Music is a Universal Language that has the ability to transcend all language barriers”, says Scallon. “It has the power to harmonise body, mind and spirit, and to elevate the soul. At its finest, earthly music is the echo of the heavenly ‘Harmony of the Spheres’.”

Scallon’s Sounds of Sirius catalogue was introduced to the US, European and UK markets in 2010 to immediate acclaim. Zone Music Reporter USA wrote, "It is hard to believe that any terrestrial being would not respond to this sacred sighing….". of Europe said; "Lia's voice is spectacular - it reaches right into the soul, She helps the listener to achieve a state of absolute well-being and inner peace".

Lia’s landmark ninth album ‘Crystal Keys’, won the 2012 Visionary COVR award for Best New Age Album, and also garnered Finalist nominations for Best Vocal Album and Best Relaxation/Meditation Album in the 2012 ZMR Radio Awards. Her follow-up album, ‘The Luminous Pearl’ was heralded as the ‘crown jewel in her career’, debuting in the Top Ten of the ZMR Radio Charts. It won the 2013 OWMMA Award for Best New Age Album, 2nd place for Best Sound Healing Album in the 2014 Visionary COVR Awards, and was nominated for Best Vocal Album in the 2013 ZMR Radio Awards.

Scallon's new album 'Song of the Sidhe' released in May 2018, has been hailed as a work that redefines New Age vocal music. Zone Music Reporter USA wrote: “Renowned vocalist Lia Scallon, redefines New Age vocal music on 'Song of the Sidhe', a concept album rooted in the mysticism of the Faerie Kingdom."

With the focus of all Lia's music being on transformation, hope, beauty and love, it is her sincere wish that her sacred songs may continue to touch the hearts of many throughout the globe.

Scallon’s full catalogue of eleven albums on the Australian label Sounds of Sirius, is distributed in the US by Clay Pasternak, Inc. and New Leaf Distributing.

Lia now lives in Tropical North Queensland, gateway to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

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