Libby Mayea

Libby Mayea

 Sisters, Oregon, USA

I'm libby. I love to sing and play my guitar, piano and violin. I write all my songs and they are who I am and I'm proud of them. My dad is, and always will be, my number one fan and my best friend. If it wasn't for my mom, I probably wouldn't be singing or playing music. For that, thank you both.


My band... well it's just me, libby. I don't ever go out and play my music. It's not that I don't want to, it's just that I'm never asked to.If I ever get the opportunity to, I would. I started writing songs about a year ago and I know it's something I'll do the rest of my life. So...Eat, dream, and sing =)


Sleeping Clocks

Written By: Libby Mayea

The time has come the Walrus said
To Talk of many things
But when the time came we didn't talk
Not of a single thing
Of Things we dread to dream for
In fear that they might die
But we were so damn beautiful to die
Our dreams built castles in the sand
Our love made the devil cry, singing


To You
It's only you
You don't smile anymore
Because you can't smile anymore
And it's only to you

The skies will fall the scarecrow said
We'll loose everything
The things we love to look at and hold
But ruin all we could be

There was a clock and it said to me
That once it accidentally fell asleep
And the whole wide world stopped and let him dream
And for him, it was the most beautiful thing
We're just a voice that shouldn't sing, screaming


I know you're here
But you feel so gone
You swear you're fine
But I know you're not
You say you're here
But you seem so gone
This is so wrong
We were so wrong

Where You Belong

Written By: Libby Mayea

I am falling down
But I have fallen too far
I'm so lost this time
And you're too tired
For me, for them, for any of this at all

I'm afraid you won't remember
And I'm afraid you won't recall
What it's like to love somebody
And what it feels like to loose it all

'Cause I believe that I still see you
In the corner of my heart
You can stay there as long as you like
Because that's where you belong
Where you belong
You belong

Let's go make a paper airplane
And write on it all of our mistakes
Then we'll climb to the top of the highest tower
Throw it off and watch it fly away our pain

'Cause I've been singing to you for years
But you, you've never listened to the words
You sing and dance along, you danced along
But you've never known what any of it was worth

So let's go paint a pretty picture
Of everything that we are
And if we don't like what we see
We can start over and paint a new scene
Of everything we're meant to be
Everything we're meant to be


Let Down

Written By: Libby Mayea

Nothing needs to be said
What's done has been done
I'm now ready to leave this

Controlling my heart
Accepting the news
Never to repeat the past

Deceiving my mind
Giving up on lies
This is too gone to solve now
I believe in many things
But I can't believe in us right now

Because you'll let me down
You let me down
You bring me down
You brought me down
You messed me up
You messed it up
When you let me down
You let me down

I'm being myself
I'm trying this out
I'm trying so hard now

With you I was wrong
I didn't care for anyone
You were all I could think about

I closed off the world
I waited for you
I did all I could
Without trying to prove anything
I just wanted you


I messed you up
When I let you down
I let you down
I let you down
I let you down
I brought you down
I bring you down
I messed you up
I messed me up
When we messed this up
When we let us down
You let us down
We let it go
We let it down
You let me down
You let us down
We messed it up

ada lovegrace

Written By: libby mayea

Her name was
Ada Love Grace
She was the most beautiful girl

She was smart
But she was cruel
Knew how to crush a man's heart
And turn a wise man into a fool

She was everything
All the girls wished they could be
She was fierce like fire

Ada Love Grace
Hides behind the walls
dont look into her eyes, dont be tempted to fall for
ada lovegrace
she's the worst of them all
and she enjoys your pain

Now Ada Love Grace
wasn't born this way
she once knew how to love

oh she was caring
she was kind
she was everything any man would want to find

But somewhere between the lines
her love was crushed and darkened within a small amount of time

Oh Ada Lovegrace
Hides behind the walls
Dont look into her eyes
Don't be tempted to fall
for Ada lovegrace
there's no love at all

wish you goodbye

Written By: libby mayea

Tonights the night
You want to try and make things all right
But its so hard when i cant even look into your eyes

Its been pretty rough
We both know that
it really shows
everybody knows
everybody knows
everybody knows
we're not in love

When i am home
and you are here
i still feel alone
because you just dont care
it makes easy to walk out that door and into his arms

And when Im with him
I dont think of you
whats the point
to be together we're just screwed out of love
out of love
out of love
What do you expect
you treated love like a game
and now we're both loosing
and its such a shame
so just call it quits and go on home

i had my words for you all planned out
but now that we're here i'm having trouble spitting them out
whats going on
what's going on with me

It made me scared
the way you took my hand
i thought we were done
now youre starting to plan
to fix it all
to fix it all
fix you and me

But I'm so sorry
the damage is already done
im not gonna lie
but i am gonna run
all i can do is pack all my things
and wish you a good life
wish you a goodbye


Written By: libby mayea

So tempting like the devils candy
Just take a little, he won't be angry
I'll lie for you if anybody asks

well if it works we'll be the pilots
we may be young but we've cleaned our closets
We'll shoot our guns, fire as we age

This urgency's a contagious illness
The cheapness of it kills like christmas
You've done it all its bleeding at the seams

Our Time it, slips by us
Cinderella its time to go
We're fearless
We know this
Keeps us moving down the road
we are the pilots

We arent famous, no one knows us
But darling we've got all our loved ones
They'll adore us past the day we die

Dont spend your time with disposable things
Youre better than trash, youre a human being
Love you are so ir-replaceable

She's the queen of the young and restless
Says talk is cheap and she loves to listen
She's a quiet girl but she's really such a mess

Day in day out dream a little more
Day in day out love a little more
Day in day out kiss the ones that you adore
Hurry Cinderella it's time to go
Kiss prince charming now and let him go
Or you could stay
And you could take a little more
Time slips by too fast to run and hide
Take the chance, don't stop to live a lie


I have 44 songs and counting at the moment. Some are funny, most are sad, and there are a few cute ones. My songs depend on who I'm around and how often I smile because that's just how it works for me.