We are an English girl and a Mexican bandido based in London. We play electro/synthpop with a dark edge. Our music is like a robotic pop buzz that is lush, sinister and cinematic with stunning female vocals over driving electronics.


Libelula (pronounced Lee-beh-lula) means 'dragonfly' in Spanish.

Dark, powerful and cinematic, Libelula are an up and coming electro pop duo. With sensuous female vocals over intricate beats, distinct synth lines and ambient FX, Libelula write cutting edge electronic music with a human touch. Inspired by innovative electronica, triphop, film music and pop, the music takes you on a journey through a digital forest. A contrast between organic, beautiful vocal melodies and crisp, layered and disorientating sounds.

H├ęctor and Sarah formed Libelula in London in 2006. This Mexican / British duo write and produce their own material with a hungry creativity and clear determination. Having already been compared to Goldfrapp, Portishead and early Massive Attack, Libelula are dynamic, playful and sexy.

Not just a studio band, Libelula have a strong visual identity and their intense, dramatic performances are sure to impress. As a four piece band, their live set features vocals with real time effects, electronic drum samples, synths, percussion, and FXs.

Since self-releasing their debut EP in 2008, Libelula are busy promoting it with shows across London and more recently in Paris and Bristol. Tracks from the EP have already been well received by FutureMusic Magazine, BBC6 Music, Diesel:U:Music Radio, Mercedes Benz Music Magazine, Energy 92.7 (USA) and Indiestore.



Libelula EP: Tracks - Golden Glow, Wonderful, Water and Mountain
Golden Glow and Wonderful have both received airplay. All tracks are available for streaming.

Set List

One set up to 1 hr of original material.
Typical set list includes:
Golden Glow
Dream Alone
White Horses