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Liberation Family

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Liberation Family music is undeniably contageous. The Family is a collective of performing hip hop artists with stellar production and accessible lyrics that rival anything in the commercial marketplace. Our music is the soundtrack for social, mental, and spiritual transformation.


Liberation Family is an outgrowth of Liberation, a live hip-hop group that specializes in a holistic approach to socially conscious music. The “Family” is a collective of like-minded, kindred spirit emcees, vocalists, producers, poets and actors who believe that art is a powerful mechanism that can and should be used to raise social awareness and achieve social change. Although the collective is composed of various individual and group entities, participating artists collaborate to create a synergized soundtrack to liberation. In addition, many of the artists are educators and use their art/performances in hip-hop education forums and workshops for community youth. The Liberation Family not only provides and educates through entertainment that gives various art forms a powerful purpose, but it will absolutely move your spirit as well.


Album - "Transformation" (Liberation Family) Upcoming Release 2006
Album - "Speak No Evil - Vol. 1" (Liberation) Released 2003
Album - "Now More Than Ever" (Liberation) Released 2005
Single - "Fallen" (Liberation) Groove Attack/B.U.K.A. Released 2003
Mixtape - "JustUs" Released 2005
Album - "Griotology" (The Griots) Upcoming Release 2006
Album - "Press Play" (Mo Betta Blues) Released 2005
Mixtape - "RaBell" (Mo Betta Blues) Upcoming Release 2006
Album - "Kosmic Sol Roc" (Isa Starr) Upcoming Release 2006
Album - "Hip Hop Love" (Isa Starr & Mo Betta Blues) Upcoming Release 2006
Mixtape - "Front Pew" (Phenom) Released 2003
Album - "Non-Denominational" (Phenom) Upcoming Release 2006
Album - "Positive Pollution" (Isa Starr & Phenom/Poetree) Released 2004
Album - "The Group Who Sat By The Door" (Isa Starr & Phenom/Poetree) Released 2005
Album - "For My People" (Faro Z) Released 2004
Album - "Here Comes The Sun" (Faro Z) Upcoming Release 2006

Set List

No Liberation Family show is ever the same, however an example set list follows:

1. Rise (Liberation Family)
2. They Don't Want To Hear That (The Griots)
3. Seven Sins (Phenom)
4. Black Is Beautiful (The Griots)
5. Fly By Night (Isa Starr & Mo Betta)
6. Information (Chen Lo & Isa Starr)
7. Spinning (Phenom & Isa Starr)
8. Threat (Chen Lo & Damaja D)
9. Rhyme Shooter (Isa Starr)
10. Sun Man (Faro Z)
11. Open Your Eyes (Mo Betta Blues)
12. Life Is Hard (B. Favors, Chen Lo, Dayz)