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Liberty Jones


Liberty Jones = southern rock played with "sticky fingers."


As the distinction between Country music and Southern Rock gradually closes, more and more of what gets played on country radio sounds like the latter as opposed to the former. But it’s a natural progression, as the connection and the shared roots of both Country and Southern Rock run deep. The current crossover trend is not a new one, as artists like the Byrds, the Flying Burrito Brothers, and even the Beatles were blending styles forty years ago. But it takes work to make it sound fresh, and in a music scene populated by bands that claim Hank and Lefty as their roots but sound more like Skynyrd and ZZ Top, you have to stand out.

Meet Liberty Jones, born and raised in Atlanta Georgia. No, Liberty isn’t a dude, it’s a band. Comprised of Jeff Eno on lead vocals and guitar, Mike Duckworth on lead guitar, Steed Kettles on rhythm guitar, Tim Maguire on bass, and drummer John Pike, Liberty Jones has been performing and recording for years. They are proud to announce the release of their newest collection of tunes on the Indian Proud Entertainment label, the aptly titled “Atlanta, Georgia”. The album is a mix of their unique originals and unusual covers, reflecting both the band’s personal focus and the breadth of their taste.

The journey to “Atlanta, Georgia” has been a long tough road for the band, fraught with frustration and dead ends. Their initial 2001 release was ill-timed, as soon after they signed on, the label had barely put the CD on the market when it folded. A second attempt to release the album on another small label met with the same fate. Frustrated, the guys dissipated for a while, but their collective love of the music they were making brought them back together.

Playing parties is cool, even if it’s just on a lark. Bands get to have fun, take chances, and the essentially captive audience is usually quite supportive. After a couple of reunion shows at parties and benefits, the band realized that they were still having fun and entertaining people, and they needed to keep doing what they had been doing all along. Liberty Jones officially regrouped and went to work on “Atlanta, Georgia”. The final result is worth a listen. Or three.

Several things stand out on “Atlanta, Georgia”. First, the musicianship. These boys can play and sing, and they can play both Rock and Country. Second, the original tunes are catchy, and they stick in your head. That is important. Whether it’s one of former member Roger Mathis’ tunes (“Left Behind” and “Dixie Wheels”) or Steed and Jeff’s “Four Winds”, the creative commitment and non-gratuitous acknowledgement of their influences is strong. Third, the covers. Some may question a 70’s Gordon Lightfoot rehash, but Liberty Jones makes it work with their own take on the classic “If You Could Read My Mind”. And the inclusion of their crowd pleasing medley featuring Neil Young’s “Cinnamon Girl” and Steve Earle’s quintessential “Copperhead Road” is an homage to the fans of their live shows. Then there is the Beatles (actually a George Harrison) tune, “If I Needed Someone”. Remember them? We are back where we started, and that’s a good thing.

Take some time, and listen to Liberty Jones. It may not be the most groundbreaking album you hear this year, but it’s a familiar, honest, and heartfelt effort by a group of people who truly love what they are doing. They say everything old is new again, and Liberty Jones paves a new road with an old sound, all the way to “Atlanta, Georgia”.


Liberty Jones - Liberty Jones - 2001 Gas House/Twin Horses
Liberty Jones - Atlanta, Georgia - Jan. 2007 Indian Proud Entertainment

Set List

Liberty Jones performs a variety of shows, from a one-set, original 15-20 song set, to a four-set event show consisting entirely of rock, r&b, and country covers from the 50s through the 80s. The following is a fairly complete (they add new songs all the time) of covers:

Allman Bros
One Way Out
Ramblin' Man

Sugar Sugar

Atlanta Rhythm Section
Back Against The Wall
Champagne Jam

Bad Company
Shooting Star

Come and Get It

Hard Days Night
Here Comes the Sun
If I Needed Someone

Bee Gees
How Can You Mend a Broken Heart
To Love Somebody

Ben E. King
Stand By Me

Bill Haley
Rock Around the Clock

Billy Idol/Tommy James
Mony Mony

Bob Dylan
Lay Lady Lay
Like A Rolling Stone

Bobby Darin
Splish Splash

Bobby Freeman
Do You Wanna Dance

Bobby Fuller
I Fought the Law


Box Tops
The Letter

Brooke Benton
Rainy Night in Georgia

Brownsville Station