Liberty Lane

Liberty Lane


Piano pop rock, Christian singer songwriter; these are the words most applicable to Liberty Lane's musical performance.

Danny's experience in previous bands, and as a worship leader make him a comfortable performer to watch. Engaging and passionate.


Liberty Lane Bio / History

Home-schooled, missionary kid, and growing up in the church; Liberty Lane’s Danny Mountain is no stranger to Christianese. “As Keith Green put it, ‘Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian, anymore than going to McDonald’s makes you a hamburger.” Says Danny, “And likewise, growing up in a Christian home, being surrounded by Christians, even giving your life to the Lord doesn’t automatically make you free. More often than not, it’s a journey. Salvation is free, but true freedom will cost you everything.”

Danny’s musical journey started at age seven. Observing his brother playing the piano he quickly decided this was for him too. A few years later when he saw his sister playing the violin, he decided he wanted to broaden his horizens further still. Taking up song writing at fifteen, it was a natural progression to pick up a guitar and add that to his reptoire.

In his late teens, together with Paul Roper (The Mint Chicks), Jade Wood, and Mark Donovan, he formed ‘Everyoneday’, and toured NZ. During their short 3 year career, Everyoneday had a number one hit single on Christian radio station LIFEFM. ‘By Myself’ battled it out for the number one spot with likes of Toby Mac for a good three weeks.

On a more personal level Danny has lead worship at a number of churches across NZ, including the Baptist Easter Camp, which at the time had attendance of 1800 people. He continues to lead worship at various churches.

In February 2011 Danny released his debut album under the name Liberty Lane. The themes of Liberty Lane’s ‘Something That’s Real’ visit hope and freedom, but also wrestle with pain and disillusionment that inevitably come with faith. “We can often find ourselves going to church out of certain habit. We sing happy songs, perhaps get inspired by a gifted speaker - yet we daily face battles we continue to lose; battles of self image, confidence, the reality of who we are and who we want to be.” Danny says. But it’s by no means all introspective struggles. Themes of hope and an air of confidence in songs like ‘Feelings’ can’t help but rub off on your own optimism.

In a world dominated by hip-hop and post-punk, Liberty Lane is a refreshing taste to the musical palate. Without trying to bend genres, this piano driven pop is both thoughtful and original. Produced and engineered by Evan Cooper, and mixed by Nic Manders, Liberty Lane’s first release shows a lot of maturity.


Debut EP released Feb 5th 2011 "Something That's Real"