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"The Slade Rooms - Gig Review"

Liberty Lies come on stage to a crowd of about twenty five. There are two ways that bands usually approach a small Monday night crowd: either dejectedly get through the set as quickly as possible, or make their presence felt. Frontman Shaun goes for the latter, grabs the evening by the throat and bellows from his balls, “How you doin’ Wolverhampton?” and the band blast straight into ‘The Wire’, the opening track from their soon-to-be-officially-released EP ‘New Addiction’. The song has great sleaze-rock riffs and a catchy chorus that goes down a treat with the diminutive crowd. There is a buzz in the air already and Liberty Lies are setting a precedent for the evening.
I saw these guys in July 2009 and was impressed with them then. Tonight, their set showed how much they’ve matured in less than a year. They’ve been working hard at it and it shows. The band dynamic has shifted gears and their song-writing has developed immensely and their collective onstage persona is electrifying. Shaun engages with the crowd, getting them to clap along, guitarist Josh is reading from the Hendrix/Slash/Page bible of guitar licks, Dan holds his own stage right, throwing out classic rock riffs and solos, and Matt and Adam hold down the rhythm section, hitting their instruments as if their life depended on it.

As they were playing, the crowd slowly grew and by the last two songs of their set, there were about a hundred folks watching. And at the end, those hundred folks were clapping and cheering, no doubt most of them wishing they’d got here a little earlier. Not bad for a twenty five minute set, huh? They’ll be back in the Slade Rooms on 4th June for their official EP launch. You need to be there!! - Midlands Rocks

"Wulfrun Hall Review"

Magnum + Liberty Lies @ Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton - Sat 31st October 2009

There was an early curfew for tonight’s gig, with early doors; although this didn’t affect attendance, as per usual for Magnum in Wolverhampton. It was a near capacity crowd, and the Wolvo faithful always bring their voices and dancing shoes...

Support act tonight is very young Black Country Modern classic Rockers Liberty Lies. I had seen the band earlier this year supporting Gun and was quite impressed with their performance. They haven’t been together long and have obviously been working hard writing and practicing since June given tonight’s performance. My one previous complaint was they had too many similar sounding songs, that is no longer the case and some of the new songs are absolutely fantastic and perfect for the live arena, with memorable choruses and head-banging guitar riffs. The band has obviously hit their stride writing newer material.

“Burning Ashes” was one of tonight’s stand outs again, but not as obvious a stand out as before, given the strength of the band's set list. They again impressed me with their lively and enthusiastic performance and threw everything at the audience whilst still keeping the music tight. Tonight was probably the biggest audience these guys have played to and it was really an important night for the future of the band. The reaction from the crowd was amazing, obviously there were one or two local fans littering the crowd but the chorus of cheers and applause was universal around the hall. One of the best reactions I’ve ever seen for a totally unknown band. I ’m expecting big things from these guys, they have a great 70’s classic rock sound but with a heavier vibe to keep today’s newer generation of rockers happy…oh and they also have a few big fook off melodic choruses to keep me happy!

I highly advise checking this band out at their upcoming gigs at The Little Civic in Wolverhampton on the 20th November and the Wharf Bar in Walsall on the 11th December!
- Wulfrum Hall reviewer

"Liberty Lies living the dream"

Black Country teenage rockers Liberty Lies are preparing for the biggest gig of their career so far when they take to the stage at Wolverhampton’s Wulfrun Hall as special guests of Magnum on Saturday, October 31.

The band, which draws its members from Tipton, Wednesbury and Cheslyn Hay, is only just over a year old but has already enjoyed success opening for Gun and Heaven’s Basement as well as appearing at JB’s and securing the runner’s up slot in a live battle of the bands contest.

This is the next step up for an ambitious bunch of lads clearly hungry for success.

Guitarist Josh Pritchett, 18, explains: “I was sending e-mails to everyone I could find. I got a response from Magnum’s management who checked us out. They liked what they heard and offered us the gig.”

In fact Liberty Lies will also be supporting Magnum at Southampton, Pontypridd and Nottingham, getting a taste of life on the road with the veteran Midland rockers as their European tour hits the UK.

Drummer Adam (Stevo) Stevens, 18, says: “The Wulfrun gig is by far the biggest we have done so far. We snuck into there in a previous gig and sat on the stage just dreaming of what it would be like to play there. Now it’s come true.

“Words can’t really explain it. It’s weird to think that to Magnum, it’s just another date in their illustrious career. But for us, it’s the biggest day of our life! We really can’t wait. We just hope it doesn’t fly by too fast.”

The nucleus of Liberty Lies came together when a previous band featuring Josh, Stevo and singer Shaun Richards, 19, split up.

Looking round for a bassist and guitarist for their next project, Stevo went to see his girlfriend Emma Dobson in a school production of the Queen musical We Will Rock You, at Cheslyn Hay Sport and Community High School. There they found bassist Matt Jones, 19, and guitarist Dan Newman, 18, and Liberty Lies was born.

In songs like Revenant and The Burning Ashes, Liberty Lies showcase a modern rock sound which tips an appreciative nod to the classic rock of the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Shaun says: “We are a modern rock band. We have been compared to the likes of Guns n Roses and Aerosmith while we would compare us to Black Stone Cherry and Shinedown.

“We live for the live shows, we are all just a bunch of posers really,” he laughs, “but we like showing people that we are having the time of our lives on stage and it’s infectious.”

Matt adds:” We like to think of ourselves as a modern rock ’n’ roll band. We are heavily influenced by classic rock artists such as Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Journey and the like, while also looking towards more modern rock bands such as Nickelback, Shinedown and Black Stone Cherry.

“We feel that the sound we achieve is one that everyone can get into and enjoy, and when playing a gig, we love to perform. By this I mean, headbanging, running across the stage, feet on monitors, just showing the audience we are having the time of our lives. I believe it is this honesty that draws people into our shows and our music.”

That attitude seems to be paying off, with more rock fans sitting up and taking notice
Dan says: “Our level of support is ever growing. We have dedicated fans who we see at different gigs. For me, my main highlight would be getting in the final for Battle of the Bands in November 2008. Supporting Heaven’s Basement, Gun and now Magnum will definitely be something I remember!

“Travelling down to London to play at Tattoofest was also an experience, to play to people who had never heard us before.”

Looking beyond the Wulfrun gig, Liberty Lies have a busy time to look forward to and ambitions to achieve, including returning to Wolverhampton to headline the Little Civic on November 20.

“We are going to hit 2010 big style,” says Adam. “We are going to record our EP and hopefully get on some big festivals as well as more tours like the one we are going on.

“The long term plan is to make this our lifestyle. It’s something we want to do all of our life. We aren’t bothered by the luxury jets or the arenas, playing a packed club around the country would be a dream come true. That’s not to say that we would not turn an arena tour down!”

The last word goes to Adam.

“The Midlands has always produced the best bands,” he says “We hope to get our name among the legends.”

Liberty Lies and Magnum play Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton, on Saturday October 31, 2009.
Tickets cost £18.50 plus booking fees.
By Ian Harvey

- Express and Star

"Cover Feature of Ryan's gig guide"

according to their myspace website, this 5-piece rock band was crowned second place in the 'Ultimate Live Band of the Year 2009' competition. Catch them live and you might ask the question 'why did'nt they come first?'
Together for only eleven months, this band is as tight, if not tighter, than a tight thing that has been tightened to fuck! And not only that, they've got the songs and the energy to give an audience value for money.
their songs are well-crafted. Matt's bass lines interwine with Stevo's powerhouse drumming, laying firm foundations for Dan and Josh's classic rock-riffs and blazing solos. And vocalist Shaun's got the presence, the poses, and the vocal range their music demands.
Their stage activities are as high-energy as their songs. Not one of them stays still throughout their entire set. With foot-on-the-monitor solos and synchronised head-banging, this band plays with the fervour you'd expect from a stadium show! The fact that these guys are so young, and churning out Led Zep, AC/DC, Guns 'n Roses-tinged classic rock on such a high standard is just frightening!
Needless to say other bands are taking notice, and to prove a point, they have been chosen to support Magnum on their latest tour which kicks locally on 31st October at the Wulfrum Hall, Wolverhampton.
This band is set to mature into a force to be reckoned with. Check 'em out at: - Ryan's Gig Guide

"GUN + Voodoo Johnson + Liberty Lies @ Civic Bar, Wolverhampton - 21st June 2009"

Liberty Lies
Very young Black Country band Liberty Lies, take to the stage shortly after doors opening, to an initially small crowd. They are a modern hard rock band with bluesy classic rock traits and these guys definitely get two massive thumbs up on performance and enthusiasm!

Although they had limited stage space this didn’t stop them throwing themselves around and although the audience response was limited they seemed to enjoy themselves! Definitely a band to keep an eye on in the future and I was quiet impressed with the lead guitarist’s playing!

“The Burning Ashes”, probably the highlight of their set, shows the talent this young band have.

You can catch them at various venues across the West Midlands.

- Midlands Rocks

"Liberty Lies, @ JBs, Dudley - back room - 26th July 2009"

According to their MySpace website, this 5-piece rock band was crowned second place in the ‘Ultimate Live Band of the Year 2009’ competition. Tonight raised the question: why didn’t they come first?

Together for only eleven months, this band is as tight, if not tighter, than bands that I’ve seen who’ve been together for a lot longer. And not only that, they’ve got the songs and the energy to give those bands a run for their money.

Backlit, Liberty Lies erupted into “One Last Chance”, an unrelenting and powerful opener that promised a high-energy set from the outset. Giving the audience no time to catch their breath, they launched straight into “Outta this place”, its Aerosmith-style riff and catchy chorus keeping the crowd captivated. A quick address to the crowd and straight back into it: “Feel,” “Wastelands,” and then “Revenant,” another powerhouse tune with a sing-a-long melody and mob chorus.

The songs are well-crafted. Matt’s bass lines intertwine with Stevo’s powerhouse drumming, laying firm foundations for Dan and Josh’s classic rock-riffs and blazing solos. And vocalist Shaun’s got the presence, the poses, and the vocal range their music demands.

Apparently, Oliver/Dawson Saxon played here last night and left all their gear on stage in the main room, so Liberty Lies’ gig was moved to the backroom. The only problem was that it wasn’t big enough for this dynamic bunch. Their stage activities are as high-energy as their songs. Not one of them stays still throughout the entire set! With foot-on-the-monitor solos and synchronised head-banging, this band played with the fervour you’d expect from a stadium show! The interplay between Josh and Shaun shows hints of Plant and Page’s famed call/response style. Josh, quoting from pages torn from the Hendrix' “How to play like a Demon” book, throws his guitar around, plays it behind his head and squeezes scorching solo after solo out of his Les Paul.

Dan proves his salt as a soloist, stepping up a number of times through the set to show the audience – and remind Josh – that he’s not going to be relegated to the sidelines.

Slowing the pace down for a while, multi-instrumentalist Matt hands his bass to Dan so that he can play piano for the “November Rain”-esque “The Burning Ashes.”

Then it’s back into the high gears for “Remedy”, “One More Minute”, and “Show Me The Way”, another adrenaline-fuelled anthem that can be heard on their MySpace site.

After pounding out a classic rock-fuelled set, Liberty Lies finish us all off with their rendition of Guns n’ Roses’ “Paradise City,” paying homage to one of their heroes and packing it with the attitude and energy of its originators.

The fact that these guys are just 18 years old and churning out Led Zep, AC/DC, Guns ‘n Roses-tinged classic rock of this standard is frightening!

This band is set to mature into a force to be reckoned with.

Watch this space.

for Midlands Rocks
- Midlands Rocks


New Addiction (EP)
Singles- The Wire, Hero, Crow Road, Day In The Sun.

All tracks have recieved airplay on a handful of large Midlands and Birmingham radio stations on a number of occassions such as BBC WM, Beacon Radio, and Kerrang.



After two years of smoke, the embers are finally bursting into flames. Two years have lead us up to this point. Void of any cliché, actions speak louder than words and we will let the music do the talking. This hard rock five piece have been carving their way around the UK Rock scene, managing to secure gigs with the likes of: Heavens Basement, GUN, Black Spiders, Skin and representing the Midlands at the International Tattoo Convention. The Band has also toured with rock legends Magnum on their 2009 dates.

After causing a stir with their initial demo releases, Liberty Lies are proud and excited to present ‘New Addiction’ to the masses. A harder, heavier and matured record for their young years, Liberty Lies give Classic Rock chewed up and spat back out in their own unique youthful style.

Without further a due, we present our ‘New Addiction’ to you. Strap yourself in, turn it up and enjoy. But don’t take our word for it, read what the critics say, come to a show and voice your opinion.