Library Science

Library Science

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Live electro post-dub psychedelic disco slo-dance music with flashing lights and customized video.


For their third album, Library Science beckons your close attention, shocks your dance nerve, and calls you to shout “Do It To It!”. Cartoon-length songs drop gummi worm melodies over a latticework of guitars, synths, samples, bass and drums.

The Go! Team meets Philip Glass and Lee “Scratch” Perry. Raise your arms cuz Library Science is handing out clap attacks!

Seattle's Library Science consists of Mildred Pitt (also of the Bran Flakes), Courtney Barnebey, and Peter Lynch. Formed in 2003, their live shows put FUN front and center with frenetic improvised video mixing and a whirl of sonic textures coaxing rapt attention from the eyes and ears, if not the bodies of their audience members.


Launch Time

Written By: Library Sciece

No Lyrics

Almost all of our songs are instrumental - and have an electronic dub/reggae feel.

Sex Positive

Written By: Library Science


Most of our music is intrumental -with an electronic dub/reggae feel.


Dolphin (Happi Tyme Records) 2010
The Chancellor (Happi Tyme Records) 2007
High Life Honey (Happi Tyme Records) 2003

Set List

50 minute set list pulling songs from our card catalog. (30 songs) We also have a live video show that travels with us. All animations and videos are created by Library Science.