Silverdale, Washington, USA

We are a three piece band from Kitsap County (Bremerton), WA. Our music is a blend of styles wrapped up in a nice rock/pop package. Muse/incubus/Mars Volta/Queens of the Stoneage are bands we're usually associated with in terms of sound.


Libretto has played at, The House(Bremerton), The Manette Saloon (Bremerton), South Pacific (Bremerton), Common Grounds Coffee House (Burlington), The Charleston (Bremerton), Studio 7 (Seattle), The Central Saloon (Seattle), The Mix (Seattle), The High Dive (Seattle), and El Corazon (Seattle). We've also played a Cancer Benefit show at Raab Park (Poulsbo).

Common PR for shows involves:
- Permanent flyers at the local mall/local businesses/coffee shops/telephone poles
- Constant online advertisement (myspace, facebook, purevolume)
- Libretto's E-mail list

We have performed along side bands such as, Garage Voice, Jupiter Mining Corp., Ramona Come Closer, Monkey's With Cleavers, Lower Lights Burning, and Megasapien. When we recorded our debut we worked with engineer/mixing/mastering guru 'Mark Lantsberger.' We've also worked with Josh Kennedy of Big Mouth Music (local promoting-booking company). We recorded our second album in the first week of April '09 and released it digitally in August.


I Will Give You Blood to Drink

Written By: Tim Cox

Over the
horizon I see
fire rising
but it's not the sun
it has begun
let the will be done
it's fantastic
back to square one

Now I've
become the
I'll teach a thing, or two
and I will
give you
to drink

Over the
horizon I see
fire rising
but it's not the sun
it has begun
let my will be done
it will lead me to
spare you

Because I've become the
and I'll teach
you a thing, or two
and I will
give you
to drink


Cold Equations - 2009 (digital release)
1. Atoms
2. Euphoria
3. Dead Stare
4. Sample of Man Screaming
5. Arsenic
6. Sanctuary
7. Letters from the Earth
8. Proof
9. Noises
10. The Great and Powerful
11. Filter Out
12. Bright Blue Sky
13. I Will Give You Blood to Drink
14. Vertigo

Figurehead - 2006 (digital release, physical release)
1. An Introduction...
2. Take Your Place
3. Stranger
4. Facade
5. Cold Enough to Freeze
6. Let the Storm Break Loose
7. Unity in Numbers
8. Prescription
9. Empty Shell
10. Optimistic State
11. The Answer
12. In Conclusion...
13. Memento Mori

Tracks available at Libretto's myspace and at

Set List

We can play whatever amount of time you need us for (20 minutes, 2 hours, whatever)

We have over two hours of original material so set lists are always different.